10 Top Europe Fintech Companies

Fintech Companies

Over the last several years, European Fintech Companies have grown incredibly.

Open banking is one of the major forces behind this expansion. As a result, financial institutions and fintech are collaborating to offer European customers more creative, usable solutions.

According to EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019, European customers are open to the notion of non-financial businesses selling financial solutions.

According to the poll, fintech acceptance is rapidly increasing throughout Europe, particularly in nations like the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, and is now considerably over the worldwide average of 64%.

The 10 Top European Fintech Companies are listed below per their values.

10 Top Europe Fintech Companies

1. Nexi                         

Image source: Twitter

Nexi is listed as the first Top Europe Fintech Companies, a significant corporation in Italy that provides various services in the areas of issuance, selling, automation, interbank corporate banking, confirmation, and payment in several industries.

It delivers the most advanced payment options for commercial banks, retail banks, and insurance companies through card payment acceptance technologies, cash transactions between businesses and private entities, and the management of increasingly complex technological facilities, such as corporate banking.

2. Revolut

Image source: The ivatornews

Revolut is the second top Europe Fintech company. It helps send money and split up the costs promptly with family and friends, regardless of whether they are local or elsewhere.

With Revolut, you may transfer money worldwide in more than 30 interbank exchange currencies for a minor discount of 0.5 percent per month on any more than 1,000 pounds. Receiving prizes daily will also allow you to save money.

To maintain track of your costs, you should set targets, receive timely updates on those expenses, and examine weekly insights.

3. Adyen

Image source: Fortune

Adyen is a top third Europe Fintech company is a payment company based in the Netherlands that assists businesses in collecting payments through e-commerce, smartphones, and point-of-sale terminals.

Several forms of payment, including international credit cards, local cash methods, and online banking activities, make up the payment system.

Every digital platform and gadget allows for the use of cards, facilitates digital payments, and supports various other payment methods. Every checkout has been meticulously set up and crafted with further conversions.

4. Checkout

Image source: The crypto times

Checkout is one of the fourth top European Fintech Companies. The system is used by many of the most forward-thinking companies and organizations around the globe to develop their strategies.

They have a provision that will make the experience of making payments in other nations faster, easier, and more linked. They can push sooner and more smoothly with improved payment alternatives due to their integrated payment technology.

In addition, to optimize payment flows and extract the maximum value from every operation, they provide businesses with the data necessary to recognize trends and make more informed choices.

5. Rapyd

Image source: Fintech magazine

Rapyd is one of the best European Fintech Companies listed on the fifth number on this list. With the help of Rapyd, businesses can create unique interactions with currency exchange anywhere in the world.

They are developing a system that will simplify cross-border trade histories while providing expertise in domestic financial transactions.

Their fintech software enables worldwide e-commerce firms, digital companies, industries, and financial institutions to connect their applications seamlessly. This software handles processing, billing and issuance, regional fintech, and payments capabilities.

6. Transferwise

Image source: Wise brand site

Transferwise is the top sixth Europe Fintech company established in 2010 to make international money transfers that are speedy, equal in cost, and economical.

Nevertheless, there is more to the narrative, such as the several enterprises that were pioneers in their fields. TransferWise allows for the creation of bank accounts in countries all over the globe.

In addition, your bank will not charge you any additional costs for processing your transaction abroad. You may make local charitable contributions with Transferwise.

7. OakNorth

Image source: Dellotie Uk

OakNorth is Europe’s most valuable financial technology company, with a current market value of 2.8 billion USD. It has been able to lend British businesses a total of $4 trillion without any instances of loan default.

OakNorth Analytical Intelligence has successfully expanded its data and technology network into eight additional international markets with the help of its partners.

OakNorth has been constantly ranked among the top transactions since it was first introduced and offers a wide selection of savings accounts. 

8. Greensill

Image source: Fintech alliance

Greensill counts as the best fintech company in Europe industry-leading source of working capital loans for enterprises and individuals.

The company was established in 2011. Greenhill offers Supply Chain Finance to its clientele around the globe, including in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The firm collaborates with several banks and institutional investors to offer financing streams essential to the process.

9. Qonto

Image source: Wikipedia

Qonto is on the ninth number on this list of 10 Top Europe Fintech Companies, a solution for corporate finance focusing on strategy.

It provides access to all the resources required to manage the company’s finances. These features include cost and reception management in real time after shipping, dedicated accounting input, interfaces with over 80 accounting apps, and the ability to categorize individual transactions.

This calls for the use of unique markings. You will be free to concentrate on the most critical aspects of your company if you connect your cash to your deposits. 

10. Ledger

Image source: Redbubble

Ledger is the tenth top European Fintech company. Within cryptocurrency and hardware wallet technologies, Ledger is responsible for establishing the most significant level of security possible.

Their solutions safeguard your assets by combining a Protected Element with an in-house developed operating system (OS). Ledger wallets allow you to keep and control the private information you save.

How To Get a Job Top European Fintech Companies?

If you are interested in being a part of the FinTech Companies, it is in your best interest to be aware of and comprehend the rapid expansion occurring in this sector.

Staying abreast of new developments and trends in the Fintech industry is necessary.

Here are some tips that might help you to get a job in a top fintech company:

Start with what you already know.

 If you now have a job as a trader, it would be ineffective for you to apply for a position in insurance just because you like reading about lemonade.

Analyzing the technologies disrupting your side of the market is the best thing you can do for yourself since, as you should keep in mind, “fintech” is an extensive phrase that spans a lot of different verticals.

Make a list

Do you have any idea what sort of business you would want to work for? If this is not the case, compile a list of the companies that represent the best possible match for you.

Begin by investigating a few of the high-growth companies operating within your sector, and consider doing some research into financial institutions that are implementing a forward-looking Fintech approach.

You should be able to distinguish yourself from other candidates when talking to prospective employers now that you have this information.

Talk to those working in the Fintech industry.

This should be clear, but if you are beginning a new road and are uncertain about the terrain, you should start networking with individuals in the sector to better understand what it takes to be successful in the Fintech business.

Attend gatherings and activities in your area. Try out this brand-new networking software, Shapr, which will connect you with other professionals who share your interests and goals.

There is a wide variety of choices, so use your imagination!

Develop your understanding of financial technology

Working knowledge of fintech is necessary if you want to further your career and be an appealing candidate to prospective employers.


Does the United Kingdom have fintech?

With more than 1,400 high-growth fintech companies currently active, 20 fintech unicorns (representing approximately half of the UK’s billion-dollar startups), and more venture capital investment than any other industry, the financial technology (fintech) sector is the most robust startup sector in the United Kingdom.

Is a job in fintech a wise choice?

As the use of technology in our everyday lives continues to evolve, there is no denying the benefits that fintech can bring to businesses. There is a rising need in the financial sector for STEM professionals capable of managing disruptive technologies. This demand is driven by the pressure to remain one step ahead of the competition and continuously adapt.

Which nation is home to the most significant number of financial technology companies?

The United Kingdom has long been regarded as the unrivaled pioneer in financial technology. London’s capital city unquestionably ranks among the world’s best hubs for establishing fintech businesses.

What is the region’s total number of fintech companies?

This has had a knock-on impact on valuations, which means that there are currently more than 30 fintech unicorns in Europe, and many more companies are shortly set to achieve the USD 1 billion threshold.


Since smaller and newer businesses aren’t functioning at all, they are ready to adjust to the demands and requirements of consumers at an unrivaled price, something that established banks are fighting for.

The future of European fintech Companies will determine how well politicians, corporate leaders, and industry regulators work together to implement new technologies and established industry standards.

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