5 Best Personal Finance Books in UK for Beginners

Personal Finance Books

From Bill Gates to Warren Buffett, and from Ben Franklin to Elon Musk; the most successful people in the world always have been good readers.

Reading finance books and money management helps you to improve your financial status and also you can set yourself on the way to financial freedom.

One of the best ways to enhance your personal finance literacy is to read personal finance books.

Personal finance books teach you various aspects of managing personal finance such as techniques to pay off credit card debt, strategies to increase your net worth, and so on.

So if you want to gather more knowledge about personal finance, this guide is for you.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up the 5 best personal finance books in the UK for beginners. So, keep reading this guide to learn more about the best finance books.

Why should I read books about personal finance?

There is no such way to improve your relationship with money other than by reading personal finance books.

Through reading books, you can gather more knowledge about personal finance management; so you can start to control and manage your money in a deliberate and well-controlled way.

If you want to leave all the money stress behind you then the books in the below list are to your reading list.

The Best personal finance books for beginners:

Each of the books has a great impact on managing and controlling your finances. Here is the list of best finance books to read:

#1. The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

Personal Finance Books

The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the most favourite books of mine.

Instead of taking an instructional approach just like other books, The Richest Man in Babylon uses parables to demonstrate financial aspects such as financial planning, building your net worth, and frugality.

Earlier you may have listed the phrase “pay yourself first”; but yet have no such knowledge about this phrase, read this first.

Also, this book is designed with super simple sentences so you can easily understand the meaning of all sentences.

So, this book is an ideal pick for the beginner and also appropriate for your kids.

#2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

By Ramit Sethi

Personal Finance Books

If you are looking for a personal finance book that will teach you the basics of money management then look no further than I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Everything from scripts to negotiating with lenders, what bank account you should use, this book will guide you with some practical tips.

This book will teach you various aspects of how you can both save and make more money.

The main feature of this book that differentiates it from the others is its unapologetic approach to spending according to your priorities.

From this book, you can acquire knowledge about how to set a conscious spending plan and what constitutes your rich life. 

So, you can start to spend money only on the necessary commodities and ruthlessly you can cut things that don’t make you happy.

This book is filled with various actionable pieces of advice such as helpful money lessons, and easy steps that can enhance your relationship with money.

#3. Your Money or Your Life

By Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

Personal Finance Books

Your Money or Your Life will provide a comprehensive guide about money management so you can change your relationship with money after reading the book.

You can develop knowledge of how you can develop more mindful money management strategies that help you out of your debts and initiate saving more money.

The biggest takeaway from the book is the concept of figuring out how much time you need to put into working to buy different things.

Also, you can understand how much effort you should put into buying different things. Suppose, you can understand to buy a video game you have to work 4 hours more, will you still buy it?

#4. The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a Rich, Free Life

By JL Collins, a financial expert

Personal Finance Books

JL Collins has written one of the best finance books for beginners. He wrote this book based on a series of letters that he wrote to his daughter regarding financial management.

His daughter did not want to spend her life thinking and worrying about money, rather she wanted to be aware of the importance of money.

So the author made a simple approach that is easy to implement, understand and explain the details of money management.

He described various topics in his book such as how to think about money, debt management, what the stock market is and how it works, how you can be trapped in a scam, and how you can avoid getting stung.

This book is a wonderful pick for the readers who want to gather knowledge about simple investment strategies, and how they can enjoy financial freedom.

#5. Personal Finance for Dummies

By Eric Tyson

Personal Finance Books

Personal Finance for Dummies is one of the great personal finance books to start if you are looking for one book that can change your finances.

The author of this book is a finance expert and has many years of experience working in this field.

in this book, the author has broken down the hard truth of achieving financial freedom, and he explains various financial key factors in detail.

He explained the dos and Don’ts when comes to making the right financial decisions.

He explained different financial topics such as debts, budgeting, saving, global investing, cryptocurrencies, and maintaining a good credit score.

This book is available in both digital and paper form. This book is a great pick to get your finances on track.


Are personal finance books only for people struggling with money?

Not at all! Personal finance books are beneficial for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. They provide valuable insights and strategies for managing money effectively and building wealth over time.

I’m new to personal finance. Where should I start?

A good starting point is to read introductory books that cover the fundamentals of personal finance. Look for titles that offer clear explanations and practical advice tailored to beginners.

Do personal finance books guarantee financial success?

While personal finance books provide valuable guidance, success ultimately depends on your willingness to apply the principles and strategies outlined in the books. It’s essential to take action and implement what you learn.

Can I find personal finance books specific to the UK market?

Yes, there are plenty of personal finance books written specifically for the UK audience. These books address the unique financial challenges and opportunities facing individuals in the UK.

Are personal finance books worth the investment?

Absolutely! Investing in your financial education is one of the best investments you can make. The knowledge and skills gained from personal finance books can have a profound and lasting impact on your financial well-being.


Whether you think finance is one of your fascinating subjects of yours, or want to gather more knowledge about this topic, finance books have a great impact when it comes to money management.

A good finance book will give you a better grip on controlling and managing your money, planning for investments, and constructing a more secure future for yourself.

Here, we have mentioned the 5 best finance books for beginners and you can take a look at these best-rated finance books. These books have covered a variety of topics to cater to everyone. 

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