When a Bouquet of Flowers is the Best Gift: Top Occasions

Bouquet of Flowers

The tradition of giving flowers has become very popular. We present them on great occasions or even without reason, delighting loved ones.

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Choose laconic bouquets of roses as well as luxurious compositions. The type of flowers for a bouquet depends on the occasion which we will talk about below.

On What Occasions It Is Customary to Give Flowers?

Bouquets of flowers are pleasant for everyone without exception. Beautiful plants can be given not only to women but also to men. You just need to choose an original and suitable composition.

But what kind of occasions will flowers be appropriate for:

  • Birthday. It is one of the main occasions for flowers. Present a beautiful bouquet along with the main gift to show how much you respect the person.
  • Wedding. In this case, flower arrangements are addressed to both the bride and the groom. Choose roses, daisies, lilies, or unusual compositions of exotic plants.
  • March 8. Of course, on this day, every woman is waiting for a bouquet from her men. Tulips are the best choice but you can also choose any other compositions.
  • St. Valentine’s Day. Show your affection and love on this romantic holiday with the help of beautiful bouquets of flowers. Compositions of roses, peonies, or chrysanthemums would be the best choice.
  • Teacher’s Day. It is customary to congratulate teachers with flowers. You should select for them laconic and delicate compositions.
  • Birth of a child. The composition should be created depending on the gender of the baby. Large balloons or some toys are often added to it.
  • Apologise. We all make mistakes. One of the easiest ways to apologise is to give a bunch of flowers. It is important to consider the shade of plants. White flowers symbolise peace and forgiveness, while yellow is a shade of friendship and companionship.
  • To express gratitude. The best plants with which we can say “thank you” are orange roses. They represent admiration, support, and wishes of happiness and good luck. Usually, they are given to colleagues or business partners as a token of gratitude after the completion of an important matter.
  • Get well soon! If a loved one is in the hospital, flowers are a great way to say: “I’m thinking about you, get well soon.” The bouquet you sent will improve the atmosphere. However, before choosing any plants, make sure the person is not allergic to them. It also makes sense to opt for flowers that require minimal maintenance, don’t smell too strong, and stay fresh for a long time. Tulips, sunflowers, and irises are a great choice!
Bouquet of Flowers

Some Important Rules When Choosing a Bouquet

Do you want to know how to assemble a bouquet so that it becomes truly amazing and beautiful? Then we will gladly introduce you to the tricks of experienced florists.

Much when composing a bouquet depends on the age of the recipient. Bouquets of a rounded shape and delicate shades such as white and pink lilies and roses are suitable for young ladies. For mature ladies choose massive bouquets with bright combinations. Large chrysanthemums and lush burgundy roses on long stems will be a good choice.

The chosen shade of flowers will directly depend on the occasion on which the bouquet will be presented. So, for example, white compositions are great for a lavish celebration. For romantic meetings, red and pink shades are suitable.

If the bouquet will be assembled from flowers of different shades, it is important to pay attention to their compatibility. In this case, experienced My Flowers florists will help you. Specialists know which flowers will be most advantageously combined in a duet with each other.

For men, discreet bouquet compositions are suitable, without unnecessary decor. The most masculine flowers are callas and gladiolus. When choosing a bouquet for your beloved woman, you can be guided by her personal preferences, if you know about them, forgetting about the language of flowers.

Of course, you can give flowers for other gift occasions as well. But do not forget that flowers can speak. Each plant and its colour tells how you feel about a person. For example, bright red roses will tell a person about your love and daisies will show tender feelings. If you want to find a perfect bouquet of flowers, images and advice from our experts will help you choose the perfect flower arrangement which you can order with delivery to the specified address at any time you need.

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