7 Best Budgeting Apps for UK Couples in 2024

Best Budgeting Apps

Connect all your financial accounts, including the multi-currency accounts Want to go for a splendid vacation with your bae? Is the budget factor bothering you a lot?

Please do not spoil your mood by thinking about these issues. It is time to enjoy your holidays, and you have the perfect solution readily available. 

Get the best budgeting apps to witness the magic of travelling to your dream location or sorting out your daily expenses. Download the apps from the Play Store and register your name. 

Your budget master is at your fingertips. Choose the best budgeting apps for UK couples for a marvellous trip with your partner or family. You can now plan a grand honeymoon too!

Top Budgeting Apps For UK Couples 

In this day of varied opinions, love is not limited to one gender. Couples often decide what to spend on, which items are their necessities, and which are meant for luxury.

Now, presenting to you UK’s seven best budgeting apps for couples. You can use them with zero hustle. Hence, it is life made easier! Let’s take a look. 

1. Moneyhub

At the top of the best budgeting app UK list, you will find Moneyhub. It is incredibly efficient in managing finances for UK-based couples.

Without any doubt, you can entrust all your budgeting headaches to this app. 

  • Allows you to keep all your financial details in one place to prepare the budget smoothly
  • Monitor whether the budget is being maintained or not
  • Facilitates connecting to all sorts of finance and investment accounts
  • Helps in getting digital versions of the property deals, travel packages, and the bank statements
  • Allows you to connect your bank accounts, crypto investments, pension details, and other investments with the app
  • Helps to track financial or other properties not having any digital presence
  • Supports creation of budgets, categorizes spending, sets and manages financial goals
  • Allows setting spending reminders, checking them periodically, and managing them

The application is available on both iOS and Android phones. Go and grab your finances within your grip today with this app!

2. Koody

The second-best budget app for UK couples in 2024 is Koody. It understands your spending habits and lets you settle down all your dues on time.

However, connecting your bank account directly with Koody is unnecessary. Therefore, be rest assured if you are paranoid about online monetary scams


  • Effective budget app, especially for the older generation
  • Perfect for people who are risk-averse about conducting online transactions by linking bank accounts
  • Helps in fixing the digitized budget for a perfect day or tour plan
  • Gives complete control over the expenses
  • Helps in tracking the financial position according to the budget
  • Prepares budget plans and updates the expenses

Both Android and iOS users can benefit from this application. So, hurry and set your budget today!

3. Snoop

This is an extraordinary app for spending analytics and switching deals. Do you have multiple bank accounts? There is nothing to worry about, as Snoop will help keep all the bank details in one place. 


  • Helps in finding the best deals and gives access to impressive discount codes
  • Access your multiple bank accounts with only a click
  • Creates money-saving agenda
  • Updates about the current trends in finances daily
  • Helps in creating healthy finance properties

Pick up the expert as you want to plan a lovely schedule within your budget. 

4. Pocketsmith

Among the best budgeting apps, Pocketsmith also occupies a prominent place. Based on your input details, it give a clear picture of your past spending habits.

Furthermore, you can also prepare a budget from your connected bank accounts, investment accounts, or others. 


  • Finance Forecasting is a special feature that helps you to understand what to spend now and what to spend later
  • Helps in visualizing the financial position in the upcoming 10 years
  • Prepares a budget currently based on past financial habits
  • Provides tailor-made budgeting experience according to individual needs

Enjoy preparing a suitable budget for the couples for spending during the month or before going for a vacation. Happy Budgeting!

5. Plum

Best Budgeting Apps

This app helps you with automatic budgeting, making it one of the best budgeting apps for couples. It keeps track of your money and spending habits. Indeed, Plum is a perfect option for budgeting. 


  • Compare and arrange your household bills accordingly
  • Tracks the spending habits and areas requiring a cut
  • Prepares proper budget for premium subscription plans
  • Instant transfer of the idle money to an interest-bearing savings account
  • Facilitates quick digital budgeting with the help of various tools
  • Keeps records of your kid’s tuition fees and other expenses

Be an expert in budgeting with the help of Plum. Get ready to spend a tension-free month with your partner, from now on. 

6. Revolut

Best Budgeting Apps

Revolut lets you have some exceptional deals. Moreover, this app makes a spending prediction chart based on your past spending habits. So, it is perfect to give you a red alert when your expenses exceed the budget. 


  • The spending Prediction Chart facilitates tracking down the savings for the concerned period
  • Helps in connecting different bank accounts and locating past spending incidents
  • Manual setting of the budget is possible
  • Can provide suggestions on budgetary matters based on earning details given as input
  • Gives reminders based on your wishes to spend certain amounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Fix your financial goals now, and Revolut will show you the right path. Helpful, isn’t it? 

7. Emma

Best Budgeting Apps

The brilliance in tracking the spending instances and budgetary solutions undoubtedly makes Emma the best budgeting app UK. You can set monetary goals, access cash-back opportunities, make prompt bank transfers, calculate net worth, and a lot more. 


  • It offers Payday Trackers thus supporting the smooth preparation of the budget
  • Can sync the pay period with your salaries or personal budgets
  • Generates suitable reports to lessen your spending habits
  • Helps in net worth creation allowing you to add the details of properties, liquid cash, and other assets
  • Provides innovative tools for making smarter financial decisions
  • Give suggestions for profitable stock trading 

Meet all your financial necessities by downloading this fabulous app. Moreover, opt for the mobile user-friendly interface instead of taking manual notes. Prepare an efficient budget and never take the unnecessary burden from now on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a budgeting app without linking my bank account directly?

Yes, some of the best budgeting apps let you enjoy budgeting services without a direct link to your bank account. YNAB app and Koody are notable in this respect.

2. Is a budgetary app safe?

Yes, online budgetary apps are safe in all respects, and thus you must not worry about your finances. 

3. How to choose a suitable budgetary app?

The list of the best budgetary apps for UK couples is a long one. However, you must consider the unique features of the apps like setting budgetary goals, maintaining spending charts, observing the past trends of expenses, categorizing expenses, etc. 

4. Does Mint’s financial plan application work for couples?

Mint is the ideal application for couples who need a low-upkeep planning arrangement. You can utilise this application for shared financial balances, or independently add your singular account.


Optimal budget creation is like a way of getting rid of financial troubles. Furthermore, you should go by the advanced solutions instead of the traditional pen and paper budget preparation.

Today’s fast-paced world requires us something to carry our financial burdens with only one or two clicks. Therefore, it is better to install the best budgeting apps. 

All the apps mentioned above are compatible for Android and iOS users. So, you can get them quickly from your phone’s Play Store.

If you want your money in safe hands, spend only a nominal amount. Each one of the best budgeting apps for UK couples also comes with various unique and premium features for maintaining finances and budgets. 

However, every good thing comes with its costs. So, you should be aware of the cyber-crimes too. Thus, safe budgeting with reliable budgeting apps is necessary to lead a happy and tension-free life in the UK. Now that your finances are in shape, go ace the race!

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