Personal Independence Payment News 2024

Personal Independence Payment News

The UK govt has forecasted the latest news on Personal Independence Payment News 2024.

The Personal Independence Payment is a lifeline for various people living in the UK with disabilities. You need to understand your eligibility to access this crucial support. 

The British Gove has decided to quietly axe the cost of living payments on the individuals receiving PIP, which has been denounced for its potential impact on disabled claimants. Personal Independence Payment News 

There are approximately 38,000 people with MS, they need to be reassessed for PIP. It indicates ongoing challenges within the system, including:

  • Final cost of living payment 2024
  • DWP payments for January 2024
  • UK Cold Weather Payment Checker
  • Cost of living 2024
  •  299 Pounds Cost of Living payments

Personal Independence Payment Cost of Living Payment

Personal Independence Payment News
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Two completely different types of cost-of-living PIP payments exist in the UK. 

150 Pound Disability COst of Living payment

  • This is a one-time payment, made in July 2023. This payment was provided to the individuals who receive PIP alongside specific other disability benefits. These benefits include Disability Living Allowance and Attendance allowance.
  • There is an intention to help offset the rising cost of living because of inflation and energy price increases.
  • This payment no longer seems to be issued.

Personal Independence Payment Eligibility

Basic Requirements

  • Age: You must be 16 years old
  • Residency: You must be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, or the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. If you are planning to do so,  then also you can be eligible. However, there are exceptions for some situations, such as serving overseas in the military force.
  • Immigration Status: If you are subject to immigration control, you can not apply for PIP unless you are a sponsored immigrant.

Disability or Health Condition

  • Long-Term: You must have a physical or mental health disability that has lasted, or is expected to be for at least 12 months from the day of your sickness.
  • Difficulties with activities: You must have some difficulties performing your day-to-day(Daily living activities) tasks or getting around. If you have difficulties performing your mobility activities because of your condition.
  • Daily living activities include dressing, cooking, washing, and eating. Mobility activities include walking, using public transport, and moving around your home


  • The substantial difference Test: Your difficulties must be worse than somebody of your age for both daily living and mobility activities.

Financial Considerations

  • No Income or Savings requirements: Your income, savings, and financial status will not affect your eligibility for PIP.
  • You can claim for PIP even if you are receiving some other benefits such as Universal Credit or Disability Living Allowance.
  • You can appeal the decision for which you are not happy. If you are not happy with the outcome of your assessment. 

How to Apply for Personal Independence Payment

Here are the following steps:

Check your Eligibility

  • You need to meet all the basic eligibility criteria

Start your claim

You can choose your preferred method. 

  • Phone: The PIP’s new claims line number is 0800 917 2222. (textphone: 0800 917 7777)
  • Post: You can send a letter to (PIP) Personal Independence Payment New Claims

Complete the Forms: You will get two forms

  • PIP 1: You need to put your details and basic information about your condition
  • PIP 2: Here, you need to answer questions about how your condition affects your daily life.
  • You need to fill up both forms carefully and honestly
  • You can seek help from a friend, family member, or support organization if required.
  • You can include any corroborating medical reports, such as specialist’s reports, or letters from GPs.

Attend an Assessment

  • They may call you for a face-to-face assessment with a healthcare professional.
  • You should talk briefly about how you’re health condition impacts your life
  • You should provide accurate information, be honest with your information

Await for the Decision

  • The DWP (The Department of Work and Pensions) will assess your claim and decide within 12 weeks. 
  • A letter outlining the result will be sent to you. If any further documents are needed, they will inform you of those.

How PIP Works

There are two parts of PIP. 

Daily Living Part: This segment assists individuals who have difficulties with everyday tasks, including:

  • preparing meals
  • managing medication
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Communication
  • using the toilet

Mobility part: This segment provides support for individuals who face challenges in getting around, including:

  • Planning and following journeys
  • Move around inside and outside of their homes
  • Using public transport

Special consideration for Terminal Illnesses

Individuals with less than 12 months to live automatically qualify for the PIPs of the daily living part. On the other hand, the mobility component still depends on individual needs. 

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