Noblewood Promotes Montenegro on the Global Business Map


Montenegro is becoming an increasingly more attractive country to run a business and make investments.

For the first time in many decades, it turned into an exporter of luxury goods. Noblewood Group has been making a significant contribution to this transformation.

The company creates hundreds of job vacancies in the country, adopts advanced technologies and sticks to ESG standards. It opens fascinating perspectives to its new homeland.

Business Evolution of Montenegro

Historically, this country was famous for its biodiversity and natural wealth. It’s home to over 3,000 plant species and numerous endangered animal species, which the government thoroughly protects. 60% of the continent’s bird species live here.

It’s the fourth greenest country on the continent — over half of it is forested. Around 15% of the territory belongs to the national park system. It is featured in the global ranking of the states where UNESCO protects the largest ratio of territories per square meter.

Montenegro has impressive potential for producing and exporting renewable energy. Wind and water are its two key sources. Over 30% of all the produced electricity relies on clean energy.

VAT on solar panel installation was reduced to 7%. The government and businesses have confirmed their willingness to invest millions of euros in the green energy sector.

In 1991, the Constitution proclaimed this state the first ecological one on the planet. The authorities keep putting considerable effort and funds into environmental protection.

Every developer needs to assess the potential harm of their projects and come up with measures to drive down the risks.

Industrial and agricultural businesses need to take care of the quality of water in rivers, lakes and other resources.

Montenegro hopes to join the EU. Its nature protection endeavours are an essential part of this plan.

Contribution of Noblewood Group

In 2022, the brand purchased and renovated production facilities in this country. Over 200 professionals are currently working here.

By 2025, the workforce is expected to double. If the company manages to put all its plans into practice, it will become the major foreign employer that has come to this state in the last three decades.

Staff members belong to all corporate hierarchy layers: blue-collar workers to top managers.

They produce premium beverages, including the famous Beluga Montenegro. Thanks to it, the company is alternatively known as Noblewood Beluga.

The drinks are made of raw materials of high quality and hold the Kosher certification. The bottles boast a sophisticated and easily recognizable design.

Professionals are eager to take part in the creation of such refined products.

The working conditions at the factory ensure maximum security and comfort for employees. Shifts last 8 hours. There is a 30-minute break for a free lunch with a hot meal. The employer provides the staff with high-quality uniforms, including shoes.

Workers leave their casual clothes in new locker rooms. After the shift, they can shower with hot water and heating. All the processes comply with safety regulation norms. The equipment and tools are safe to use.

The best-performing talents benefit from in-house growth opportunities. They attend educational events and can join overseas projects.

Specialists of all levels take part in networking activities, such as winery tours or birthday celebrations of their colleagues.

A large part of the state’s population is engaged in seasonal work. Noblewood provides full-time jobs with a stable income.

The salaries are competitive by local standards. The Group helps the country address the unemployment issue: in April 2023, according to the official data, over 18% of the population was out of jobs.

The company sponsors local culture, sports and social activities. It promotes sustainable operations and environmentally friendly practices to preserve the ecology and the unique nature.

Previously, the Montenegrin economy was focused on imports. It used to export predominantly electricity, raw aluminium and copper ore. It has never offered premium consumer goods to foreign buyers. Now, the pivotal moment has come.

The increase in the volume of exported goods will lead to the development and improvement of the transport infrastructure.

The government will allocate funds to make the coast more accessible to shipping and freight companies. This will attract more investors from abroad and boost the overall welfare of the state.

Currently, the Noblewood Group already exports its Montenegro-produced drinks to almost 40 countries from all regions of the planet.

This number of destinations is projected to exceed 150. The brand will become the global ambassador of its new homeland. It participates in high-class marketing events to promote the beverages.

In October 2023, the manufacturer took part in the TFWA World Exhibition, which is duty-free and travel retail’s major annual gathering and conference, and in Bar Convent Berlin, which is the biggest trade fair for the bar and beverage industry.

Large-scale advertising campaigns promote both the drinks and their country of origin, Montenegro. The ads were placed in the city of Cannes and the airports of Cannes and Berlin.

Besides, the beverages were featured in such renowned profile publications as Drinks International, The Spirits Business and Global Drinks Intel.

To Sum It Up

Noblewood is giving a new impetus to the Montenegrin economy. This business helps to solve the unemployment problem, provides stable year-round jobs and pays competitive salaries.

It takes care of the surrounding environment and supports social, sports and cultural events. It sticks to ESG practices and creates comfortable working conditions for its staff.

This way Montenegro can become one of the leading global exporters of premium beverages.

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