10 Best Investment Podcasts in the UK for Expert Financial Insights

Investment Podcasts

The podcast industry experienced a significant boom in the past few years. Moreover, it is now one of the most successful platforms for education, work, projects, and many more.

Therefore, you will also find incredible results in the investment podcasts. The statistics for October 2020 tell us that more than 1.5 billion podcasts captured the attention of global viewers.

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The Corona period became one of the primary causes for the increasing growth of this industry. 

If you are confused about the best investment areas, please get help from the investment experts.

The investment podcasts can act as your guide for a successful deal. Therefore, you should know the best investment podcasts for the desired results. Change your life with the fruitful suggestions from the professionals.

It is essential to have investment insights about the profitable areas to avoid losses. Indeed, there will be risk factors associated with the volatile markets.

You need to obtain professional advice for building a suitable portfolio. Learn about the best investment podcasts UK in this piece for incredible results ahead. 

Podcasts as a Learning Medium

Podcasts are a fabulous medium for education. It ensures Anytime-Anywhere learning through digital means. 

Popularity in Financial Education

The financial sector is an important industry and special training is required to become a specialist in this field.

People admiring to be a finance professional in future can access the best investment podcasts to gather knowledge about current trends.

Moreover, in the UK, more than 25% show interest in watching different podcasts for various needs. Financial education becomes effortless to understand through engaging podcasts. 

Benefits of Learning Through Podcasts

The primary benefits of learning through podcasts include:-

  • Encourages Learning even while travelling
  • Increases engagement of the students with the subject
  • Strengthens the Comprehensive and Learning skills
  • Helps overcome learning challenges
  • Interactive sessions through digital media
  • Inspires students to show their creativity and dedication

Criteria for Selecting the Best Investment Podcasts

Are you confused about how to select the best investment podcasts UK for fruitful results? Don’t worry, I will assist you in choosing a suitable podcast. 

  • A. Relevance to the UK Audience: This is an essential factor that you must consider while watching a podcast in the UK. Every country has different laws in terms of finances and other matters. Therefore, if you belong to the UK, you should first ensure that the chosen investment podcast is relevant to the UK lifestyle. 
  • B. Expert Hosts and Guests: The hosts play the most significant role in any podcast. Hence, find the hosts and their expertise as you start watching a podcast. Furthermore, the guests for the episode must also be considered for added attraction. 
  • C. Consistency and Quality of Content: The last factor for selecting the best investment podcasts is consistency and quality of the content. You watch a podcast because of its content and the utility of the topic discussed. Therefore, you must verify that there is consistency in the podcasts of a given channel. Besides, high-quality content is always appreciable to provide you with the maximum information. 

10 Best Investment Podcasts in the UK

Here, I have selected the top 10 investment podcasts in the UK for your convenience. Hope these will meet the criteria of the best investment podcasts you were looking for. 

1. Motley Fool Money


This provides insights into the top financial news and stock market trends for the week.

Here, the Motley Fool Investment analysts discuss different issues along with Chris Hill and also portray the views of the best-selling authors and other experts. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Buffet, Bromance and Behavioural Economics: Peter Kunhardt speaking about his documentary, Becoming Warren Buffet, interview of author Michael Lewis
– Buffet’s Buy and the Future of Restaurants: Closure of different plans for Bed and Beyond, discussion on conditions of different restaurants and their future
– Tesla, Musk, and the Future of Movies: Discussion of latest corporate scandals by Nell Minow, Morgan Housel’s views on Elon Musk, and Tesla

Listener Reviews and Feedback

People recommend most of the podcasts and wait for incredible answers from famous personalities. 
– The highest quality one for the fundamentals
– A nice resource for the advice provided before investing

2. The Rich Dad Show


Each episode is for 45 to 60 minutes. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, discusses many important matters here and provides advice for financial success. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Exploring the Potential Impact of BRICS pay and Gold-backed Digital Currency: Discussion on the current economic climate, interview of Clay Clark
– How to Overcome Fear, Inflation, and Crashing Markets: Message from Ann Atkinson, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Listener Reviews and Feedback

An average show for financial advice, good and bad news about the financial market

3. Fresh Invest


The duration of the episode is 20 minutes. Alex Lieberman, the CEO of Morning Brew, narrates stories on steps and actions for proper money management. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

Life Stages of Investing: preparation for retirement, blending finances with partner, individual investing styles
– AI + Investing: Specific tools for investors with respect to AI, the emergence of AI in the field of investment, and so on. 

Listener Reviews and Feedback

The guest speaker was superficial and stated how great AI is for investment. Listeners appreciate the informative topics of the podcasts, which cover several aspects in one episode. 

4. We Study Billionaires


The episodes come on Saturdays and run for 45 to 60 minutes. It projects interviews of different financial experts to teach the application of various financial strategies in the money market.

The hosts are Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Broken Money: Discussion on the new book Broken Money by Lyn Alden
– Mastering the Art of Investing: Sam Zell was the guest who talked about his career in the Real Estate sector from the 1960s. 

Listener Reviews and Feedback

Listeners find the discussions justified. One says it is a perfect balance of wisdom in life and investing.

5. Mad Money with Jim Cramer


The podcasts come on weekdays. Around 45 minutes is the average duration for each episode. Jim Cramer, the famous host of CNBC, shares his opinions on stocks and transactions.

He is an expert money manager and provides strong opinions on buying and selling different stocks. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Dominos CEO, Diggin into UNH: Cramer checked in the insights of Dominos Pizza and had an interview with the CEO
– Dow Surges 912 Points, Denny’s CEO, Avaya CEO: Cramer got the latest news of Dow. Special interview session with CEO from Avaya and Denny

Listener Reviews and Feedback

For most listeners, it is a great show. Mad Money podcasts always highlight the critical aspects of investing. The guests and hosts both offer informative details, useful for the listeners. 

6. Invest Like the Best


Every episode here is 60 minutes. You can catch the episodes on every Tuesday.

The CEOs of different companies come to the show to share their business knowledge and investing ideas.

O’Shaughnessy Asset Management’s CEO, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, hosts this show and tries to educate the builders in making the correct decision. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Jonathan Neman- Building Modern Restaurant: Jonathan Neman came as a guest and talked about his restaurant chain Sweetgreen
– Modest proposal- Better, Cheaper, Faster: Why do Companies that reduce friction win? : Model Proposal, a pseudonym turned up as the guest to provide better proposals for effective business. 

Listener Reviews and Feedback

Listeners say that they enjoy the show as it gives opportunities for fresh thinking. Moreover, the diversified topics keep the audience engaged. 

7. InvestED


Every Tuesday brings a new podcast of this show. Phil Town, the hedge fund manager cum author, throws light on the innovative investment strategies for the investors.

Moreover, his daughter, Danielle, also supports him in this journey and provides tips for better investments.

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– How to make your first trade?: A terrific episode providing highlights on what tools to use for first trade, types of investment brokerage, etc. 
– Events, Margin of Safety, and Moat Numbers: This focused on determining the margin of safety and the meaning of events and moat numbers. 

Listeners’ Reviews and Feedback

According to the listeners, they enjoy the podcasts very much. One person even said that he is now understanding better the functions of investing. It is like a father explaining things to his daughter. So, the podcasts are easy to understand. 

8. CNBC’s Fast Money


Melissa Lee is the anchor of this show. Top traders join her to bring forth the actionable news on money-making decisions. The episodes are of 45 minutes duration and come on weekdays. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Plunging Rates Help Banks: This highlighted the plunging rates and the impact on the banks, the best earning report this year, etc. 
– Stocks Jump After Fed Pause: Gives projections of the stock market and tells whether it is safe to buy Chinese stocks now. 

Listeners’ Reviews and Feedback

People love to listen to witty banter between the hosts and the professionals. It is also regarded as a great show due to its high educational qualities. 

9. Animal Spirits


Around 30 to 45 minutes is the duration of each episode of this show. Furthermore, you can watch it on Fridays and Wednesdays only. Learn about the investing tricks, life, and markets from Ben Carlson, and Michael Batnick. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– The Next Big Shot: A good discussion on high-frequency trading
– Micro Bubbles: Learn the meaning of Micro Bubbles in the stock market, its relevance on the UK market, and so on. 

Listeners’ Reviews and Feedback

Listeners say that great delivery and fabulous content of the episodes. Moreover, the best podcast on finances, which is entertaining and informative at the same time 

10. The Peter Schiff Show Podcast


The 45-minute-long episode will come twice a week. Peter Schiff, the eminent financial broker and economist, provides data analysis of global financial markets. He gives an unbiased opinion about the situation. 

Key Episodes and Takeaways

– Elon Musk on Twitter’s Bot Problem: Views of Elon Musk on the benchmarking Bot Problem of Twitter. 
– The National Debt is the Scariest Halloween Costume: Focuses on the national debt and how it can be scarier than the Halloween costumes, also.

Listeners’ Reviews and Feedback

People mostly like the current topics of the economic environment. It educates UK citizens about their economic status and political backgrounds concerning investments. 

Podcasts Vs. Traditional Investment Resources

Advantages of Podcasts over Traditional Media

Podcasts are on-demand content. Therefore, you can access the best investment podcasts as and when you like without bothering about the time and place.

They are more flexible than traditional media, which can run on a fixed date only. 
Moreover, the listeners have full liberty to choose the conversations they want to hear and discard others.

This is, of course, not possible in the traditional types. 

Combining Podcasts with Other Investment Tools

Yes, you can easily collaborate on one podcast with other tools.

Moreover, you can become a guest host for several shows. You can also look for other creators for the podcasts that your target audience will like.

Organizing Shoutouts is also one of the strategies. 

How to Listen to Investment Podcasts?

You can listen to the best investment podcasts UK on various digital mediums. Furthermore, you may get different formatting for these podcasts. The various means include:-

  • Google Podcasts
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Amazon Music
  • YouTube
  • Spotify, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the stock market-related podcast?

A. The CNBC Fast Money podcast is a connection with a show that dives into the universe of stock money management. It gives a day-to-day take gander at the top financial exchange news and conveys significant news that is important to financial backers.

Q. Are all podcasts accessible for free?

A. Most of the best investment podcasts UK are accessible for free. However, you may have to subscribe to some channels for regular updates. 

Q. How can I ensure the information is up-to-date?

A. Please verify the podcast date on which it was first aired. You will understand whether the information is up-to-date or not. 

Q. Can I ask questions or seek advice from podcast hosts?

A. Yes, you can ask questions or seek advice from podcast hosts. However, it should be in “Wh” question format, like where, what, whom, etc. 

Q. Is podcast learning suitable for beginners in finance?

A. Yes, of course. There are separate financial podcasts for the beginners. 

Q. What are the risks associated with following investment advice from podcasts?

A. The risks associated with following the investment advice from podcasts can be the relevance of the information, investing conditions, financial perspectives for creating the portfolio, etc. 

Q. What are the most common mistakes to avoid while listening to investment podcasts?

A. The common mistakes can be:-


The best investment podcasts can be highly beneficial in determining the best places to invest in. Moreover, they provide insights into the current news and how it can affect the money market.

Therefore, please research the platform and the quality of the show before accessing that. The customer reviews and highlighting points can provide you with an overview of the podcasts. 

Are you interested in gaining knowledge of the financial market? Switch on the above podcasts for great results and enhanced confidence. 

  • Failing to understand the primary motive
  • Not listening to the words of the specialists
  • Not keeping your sound quality up to the mark
  • Not researching on the platform you are listening to
  • Listener Reviews and Feedback

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