How to Make Money Online without Paying Anything (SERIOUSLY!) in The UK?

how to make money online
How to make money online

Online money-making business is the best method for earning extra money with the help of the internet.

It is more convenient to make online, which does not need any investment or proper scheduling of time.

There are many online businesses where one can start from their home and generate a dependable source of income.

You also do not need to work under pressure. You will be able to work remotely and deliver the output of the task assigned online.

Once you are done, you will be paid through the online transfer.

How to start an Online Business Without paying anything?

Starting an online business and making money in the UK has its advantages. The UK online business touches 100 billion British pounds, and you can earn more money.

Choose your business plan and model for starting an online business without paying. And identify the skill which you will be able to master.

Create your website and expand your business model.

There is a lot of online business available. You research, find which one suits your skill, and start doing it.

11 Best ideas “how to make money online without paying anything.”:

Make Money Online

Every day many people in the UK want to know how to make money online without paying anything.

The main reason for online business is that people want to break out of their boring, unideal jobs and become their boss from their comfort zone.

Now we can discuss the eleven best ideas to make money online in the UK.

  • Join an affiliate program
  • Website Designing
  • Launch a YouTube Channel
  • Teach anything online
  • Start a Blog or website
  • Create and sell stock photos
  • Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Edit Videos
  • Become an online travel advisor
  • Create a podcast
  • Fill out the Online Survey form

1. Join an affiliate program:

Join an affiliate program and start earning commissions for promoting the product and service on different platforms.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, and no experience is needed. You need to fill out the signup form and begin to promote the product or service.

Just join, promote, and earn. You will receive a commission and credit for the referral when someone buys the product or service after clicking the link.

You can earn more in the UK when promoting digital services like web hosting. You can earn up to hundreds or even thousands of Pounds.

Is affiliate marketing profitable in the UK?

The recent research data shows that affiliate marketing generates more than £8.9 million in sales. There will be a year-on-year growth in affiliating marketing. The return on investment is £16 for every £1 spent.

2. Website designing:

If you have good knowledge in website design, you may earn decent money online. You can always find work and a lot of work if you have a good understanding of tech.

Various things you can do in website designing like set up a website, customize it, speed up it, and many other things you can do.

You need to find one or two clients at the initial stage and use their website as the testimonial. You do not need to invest more other than your time.

How much can an online web designer earn in the UK?

The online web designer can earn between £35 and £45 per hour. You can make up to £55 per hour for professional web designing.

3. Launch a YouTube Channel:

Did you ever think of becoming a YouTuber? Starting a YouTube channel is the most genuine way to earn online.

Nowadays, people spend countless hours on YouTube every day. Suppose you can make film unboxing videos, product tutorials, vlogs, and funny videos with nothing but only with your smartphone.

Setting up a YouTube channel does not cost more.

You can create a YouTube channel just by signing into YouTube with your Google account. As a Youtuber, you can start earning once you reach 1,000 subscribers and a thousand watch hours.

In the UK for every one thousand views, you can make up to £4 to £7. The key to the success of the YouTube channel is to focus on one niche.

You may also earn through the older videos you post according to the number of views.

4. Teach anything online:

Do you have a skill?

Indeed, we all have a particular skill with which other people struggle. What do people constantly seek your advice with?

Can you find it easy?

  • Cleaning a house quickly
  • Cooking more varieties of food quickly
  • Gardening
  • Home-baking
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Speak a language
  • Teaching coding easily

You can teach anything that helps improve people’s knowledge, and they can learn online. Create a course, and you can sell it online.

It takes little time and effort to create the video, but It is a faster way to make money.

You can use YouTube to upload the video and make it private where people can see the video using the specific link, or you may also create a course and upload it to any online platform.

5. Start a Blog or website:

One of the best ways to make money online is to start a blog. You can easily create a blog and start posting content.

You can also monetize your blog by offering paid content or advertising. This is a great way to make money and it is also a very easy way to start making money.

There are several ways available that a blog or website can make money. The four important ways that you can make money in the UK when you start a blog or website are listed below:

  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling related products or services
  • Sponsored content

For starting a blog, you should invest your time, effort, and knowledge more than anything. If you are a blogger, you can also earn money for Proofreading.

You can make other bloggers’ content look of excellent quality. Because apart from providing valuable information, it is essential to present content in a quality manner.

If anyone says you can earn more money within a month, do not believe it. I am quite sure you can earn a decent amount within a year, and then you could make your full-time income within two years.

How to make money online without paying anything through blogs?

For a thoroughly researched, professional writer, you can expect around £120 – £150 for a blog writer to make a blog.

Their hourly rate will be the same as that of a professional writer, who is about to pay £40 – £50.

6. Create and sell stock photos:

Are you an enthusiastic photographer? If you are an enthusiastic photographer, selling stock photos is a fantastic way to earn money.

The companies will buy stock photos to save time, money, and effort in arranging places for photoshoots. Not only the companies, but the individual also who are bloggers, and website owners need the stock images to use on their pages.

Companies usually go subscription-based, where they have the right to use any stock images on the site for a particular duration.

Selling a stock image is the best way to earn a passive income.

There are numerous competitions in this field where you find more than 225 million images on a single site. Once you upload a photo, you can earn up to £0.5 – £0.20 per month or per image in the UK.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant:

As a virtual assistant, your primary role is to give remote services to businesses. The primary tasks involved in the virtual assistant as a daily task are listed below:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Managing Social Media
  • Making phone calls
  • Replying to the mail
  • Booking flight
  • Dealing with the finance

Many Business executives do not have time for small tasks, but these are especially important to run a company. In this situation, you can step in working as a remote virtual assistant.

You can work from home, and you have lots of freedom. The initial investment is low, and you can set the rate per hour.

You can also determine what task you may carry. To reach a client, you need to create a business to market your business.

How much can virtual assistance earn in the UK?

A virtual assistant in the UK can earn £24,000 – £48,000 depending on the number of clients they provide service to.

Sometimes if virtual assistants have more clients, they can make more than £100,000. Working as a virtual assistant in the UK, you may get extremely high pay.

8. Edit Videos:

If you have a hobby like editing videos, you can change your hobby into earning.

Video editing involves manipulating and arranging the video shots to create one whole video. It would be best if you had editing software and a computer.

Seventy per cent of the population are visual learners, which makes the video an effective medium to catch customers’ interest.

In today’s world, all businesses are turning into video media with a high demand for video editors.

To offer a video editing service, you need to understand the basics of editing software, and you need a laptop or computer with high processing power. For video editing, the average pay in the UK is £15.

9. Become an online travel advisor:

The primary role of an online travel agent is to understand the client’s needs and make the best travel arrangements, from food to accommodation, and transport.

To become an online advisor, you should clearly understand how to make money online without paying anything. The target clients for this service are busy professionals.

Many people require an online travel advisor for travel arrangements in terms of location, timing, and booking the tickets.

Many professionals are happy to pay for this task, one who is experienced and can do this task efficiently and quickly.

How much can an online travel advisor earn?

You are becoming an online travel advisor, and you can earn more money. The online travel advisor can earn £13.33 per hour. The advisor usually makes money by taking a commission from the airline, car rental, or hotel.

10. Create a podcast:

A podcast is a series or an audio show which can be downloaded or can be listened to online.

The podcasting market has recently seen massive growth, with approximately fifty million listeners each month.

Growing a listener usually takes more time and effort, but earning money online is exciting. It would be best if you had a computer and audio editing software.

After you establish your podcast, there are many ways to make money. Selling tickets to live recorded podcasts also boosts your revenue.

Podcasters in the UK make £954 a monthly. So, the podcasters can make an average of £11,448 each year as a profit.

The podcaster usually earns double the UK average income. The podcasters tend to earn through adverts and sponsorship.

11. Fill out the Online Survey form:

If you want to share your opinion on different topics from politics to food and many more.

Filling out the survey form is the best option for sharing your views, and you can earn extra income. The procedure for how to make money online without paying anything using the online survey is listed below:

  • To start earning money, choose a website that offers such an opportunity.
  • Create your account
  • Depending on the website you have chosen, you will be sent mail.
  • The emails will invite you to participate in any number of surveys.
  • After completing your task, you receive a point that you can turn into cash or gift cards.

How much can you earn by filling out the survey form in the UK?

There are numerous sites available for filling out the survey form. You can get earnings from the regular survey taking on whatever site you are looking for. The UK national announced that the living wage is £8.91 per hour for those twenty-three and above. Taking this survey usually takes 3 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can earn around 40-100 points.


The above 11 ideas are the most fantastic ideas for how to make money online without paying anything in the UK, which gives a detailed description of making money online in your scheduled time.

Making money online can help you earn extra money, escape from the 9 to 5 jobs, and become an entrepreneur. Passive income is the best idea if you want to save more or think you are getting a low salary.

You can gain more financial freedom and financial security by brainstorming online business ideas. Once you gain experience in the online business, you can turn this into your full-time job.

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