Facts on Amended Refunds in The UK

Amended Refunds

Self-assessment is a system HMRC( Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) uses to collect income tax. Tax is generally deducted from the salary, pensions, and savings. Individuals and trades with other income must report it in a tax return. 

If you do not file and pay the tax on time, you may have to pay interest and a penalty. You should keep records so you can fill in your tax return correctly. There’s a different rate for Capital Gains Tax, you need to pay the amount depending on the income tax band you’re in.

It is possible to make changes if you have done a mistake on your self-assessment tax return after filing it, any changes must be made within 12 months of the usual 31 January filing deadline. Somehow if you miss the deadline you can make the changes by writing to HMRC.

What is an amended refund UK?

Amend return refers to changes made to a tax return from preceding years. If you made a mistake on your tax return, need to file an amended return with the Internal Revenue Service to modify the error. Taxpayers have three years to amend any errors made on a tax return.

 The term Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) mentions the tax authority of the U.K. government. HMRC makes random audits of tax returns going back six years. If the HMRC finds a taxpayer deliberately submitted a fraudulent return, there is no law of limitations on reopening a file for auditing.

Submitting an amended return will not get you into distress. HMRC inspires taxpayers to file an amended return if the mistakes need to be fixed. If you find to correct filing status, incorrect total income or to claim a tax deduction or several dependents then filling an amended return is needed. 

How can I check the position of my refund?

To check the status of your refund, follow the steps given below.

  • Step1: You need to log in to the e-filling website with your User ID, Password, Date of Birth/ date of Incorporation, and Captcha
  • Step2: then Go to My Account and click on “Refund/Demand” Status
  • Step3: Below details will be shown

Assessment Year, Status, reason (For any refund failure)

The mode of payment will be shown

Now, the Taxpayers can view the Refund/Demand Status

If my refund check has been lost, destroyed, or stolen, what should I do?

You should keep any records and documents that you have gotten, or have prepared, that will be needed to complete your Self-assessment or your company’s tax return or if you will claim any benefits or allowances. If your refund check has been lost, destroyed, or stolen, you may contact the Taxes helpline and they could set you back a replacement check. The contact number is 03002003300

I have filed a joint tax return, which social security number should I use?

You must pay taxes and you can apply for a National insurance Number through the social security office. If you work or study in the UK then you must get the National Security insurance number. Once you are in the UK, you can apply for National Insurance Number. Your National Security Insurance Number is the UK kind of a social security number. It is used to claim taxes and benefits.

When inquiring about the status of my income tax refund?

If you think you might be unpaid an income-tax refund and want to check your tax refund status, you may call 03002003300 or you may visit the Govt. website GOV.UK. from Monday to Friday except on any holidays.

I changed my address from the time when I filed my last tax return, what should I do?

If you have changed your address since you filed your last tax return, then you will need to write to HMRC. 

Preceding tax years are resolved and closed. So, if any changes could affect your tax position. That is why HMRC prefers to sort them out by writing.

What do I need to do to get my check forwarded to my new address?

When you move your home then make sure your posts move with you. To get all your important documents such as medical information, council tax bills, mortgage information, pay slips, and much more, your post must be redirected. 

Taxpayers should let the department inform them when they change their address. If your post isn’t redirected then there is a chance that your post can fall into the wrong hands. You can redirect any address in the UK or in foreign.

Redirecting your posts is simple. You can apply online through the Royal Mail Website; you need to open an account if you didn’t have one. Then you have to login into your Royal Mail Account and complete the form online. Then you can bring it to your local post office branch. Alternatively, you can take an application form and submit it to the local Post office branch.

How often are refund cheques mailed?

It depends on some factors including the system whether you applied online or offline; and whether HMRC makes any security checks during the process. A tax return submitted online takes less time than submitted offline.

It takes usually somewhere between 5 days and 8 weeks, it may be delayed due to some security checking being carried out.

Will I receive interest in my refund?

HMRC will pay you interest in two cases: either if you paid tax early (known as ‘credit interest’) or if you have paid more than your company owes (known as ‘repayment interest’)

HMRC usually pays interest on your refund in two cases:

  • When the tax was due
  • When you have paid the tax, you have paid after the due date

Where should I mail my return if I am indebted tax?

If you didn’t get any correspondence then you can mail your completed return to Self-Assessment HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AS United Kingdom. Before sending the mail please make sure that you have signed and provided the date on the declaration page TR 8 of your completed Tax return before mailing it to them.

How long does it take to receive an amended return?

It is quite difficult to answer as the main delay between applying for your tax refund and getting the money depends on HMRC’s current processing time.

In most cases, a tax refund will be issued within 8-12 weeks of receiving your application, but this can be shorter or longer.

If you are being paid straight into your bank account or into your credit or debit card this will generally be received within 5 working days.

If you have gotten a P800 notice telling you that you will receive a cheque then this will be received within 14 days of the date of the notice.

When must I file an amended return?

If you have missed the deadline or if you require making a change to your return for any other tax year then you need to file an amended return and write to HMRC.

Your bill will be updated according to your report, you may have to pay an increasing amount of tax or be able to claim a refund.

3 Reasons to File an Amended Return

You may need to submit an updated return to get a larger refund or because you realised that you owe the IRS more money than you expected.

Some reasons individuals submit amendments to their tax returns include forgetting to declare certain income, recognising that they should have or shouldnot have claimed certain credits, or improperly reporting dependents on their tax returns.

Other typical causes for submitting an updated tax return include receiving late tax documents such as W-2s or 1099s after the original return has already been submitted. You must file an updated return to reflect any income omitted from your first return.

1. Ensure that there are no mistakes or omissions in your revenue.

If you find out after you have already filed that you forgot to include income on your return

(for example, from a Form W-2 or 1099), or if you get a corrected information statement that

has different amounts of income or withholding, you will need to file an amended refund to

correct the error.

This is the case regardless of whether you are due a higher tax refund or will have a greater

tax liability. If you don't revise your return and you wind up owing more money in taxes, the

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will most likely give you a CP2000 notice, which may come

with severe penalties.

2. You should consider changing your filing status.

If the conditions are right, you may switch your file status to one that provides you with more

favourable tax treatment.

For instance, if you claimed Head of household status when you were eligible for the Single

filing status, your standard deduction would be reduced by $3,000. It is not always possible

to modify your filing status since your circumstances determine it, but if you find that you

need to, it is a valid reason to submit an amended refund UK.

3. Change your deductions.

If you itemise your deductions erroneously, claimed certain expenditures in error, or

inadvertently included or excluded a dependent, you must submit an amended refund UK to

rectify these mistakes. This might avoid issues in the future, such as notifications or an audit

by the IRS.


After making alterations to your tax return after filing it, you’ll need to make any amendments within the first year of filing it. Self-assessment errors are frustrating but they can be managed. Most people file their Self-assessment returns online, and you can file your return on paper as well. You must have all the documentary proofs related to the changes.

Once your tax returns have been filed, you’ll likely keep a little patience. You shouldn’t file a second tax return, since it can create confusion and slow down the processing.

While you will become confirmed that, HMRC received your amended refund file through mail or e-filed, then calling them for the information won’t speed up the process and it will make it more problematic for them to do their job.

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