A Detailed Guide on Wedding Insurance UK

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance will likely be one of the first things on your thoughts if you are making plans in 2024 or later.

Hundreds of weddings were cancelled or postponed due to the Covid shutdown, and many couples are hesitant to arrange their big day without putting some security plan in place.

However, how simple is it to get Wedding Insurance UK? And just what does it include? We have a comprehensive guide explaining everything you need about Wedding Insurance UK 2024.

What Is Wedding Insurance UK?

Wedding insurance gives you safety and peace of mind if anything wrong happens leading up to or on your wedding day.

If something unforeseen occurred, such as a pipe bursting or a fire at the venue, which resulted in the wedding not appearing, then your insurance covers your losses.

In other words, if you had to cancel your big day because of something that happened, then your insurance would cover your losses.

It also protects you against less catastrophic events, such as the burglary of wedding presents on the big day or the collapse of particular vendors.

Wedding Insurance
Wedding Insurance

What Does Wedding Insurance UK Cover?

Before agreeing to anything, it is essential to read the fine print of any wedding policy since each one is somewhat different. However, the following are often covered by the majority of Wedding Insurance UK Policies:

#1. Venue cancellation or closure

This protects you if the venue cannot honour your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances such as a flood, fire, or financial crisis. This will likely be covered under the insurance policy’s ‘cancellation cover’ section.

#2. Cancellation due to sickness, injury, or death of wedding party or close family

As long as the illness that strikes you, your soon-to-be husband, your maid of honour, your best man, or a member of your immediate family was not caused by a pre-existing medical condition, you will be reimbursed for medical expenses with the illness.

The same individuals will be protected in the event of an accident or death, as well as if they are suddenly summoned to serve on a jury or are sent abroad in the military.

#3. Cancellation due to harsh weather

You should be protected under your policy if at least half of your guests cannot attend the wedding because of the severe weather. However, you should thoroughly check the fine print since many plans have slightly different provisions.

#4. Supplier absence or harm

You should be protected if one of your vendors does not show up or if they give bad things (such as flowers that have died or a cake that has been ruined, for example). Remember that a formal agreement with your service provider will be essential to your claim.

So make sure you acquire one when you make your reservation! In addition, you will need to review your specific policy thoroughly to determine which vendors are covered by it. 

#5. Lost, stolen, or destroyed things

Coverage should extend to your wedding rings (but not your engagement ring; you’ll need to add this to your homeowner’s policy), wedding cake, flowers, wedding clothes, and wedding presents.

However, you will need to verify your specific policy to see if there are any exclusions or limitations, such as the fact that gifts that are left unattended will not be covered and that flowers and cake are often only covered up to the time of the wedding reception.

#6. Wedding picture or video flaws

You will be compensated for the loss of your wedding video or photographs can’t be processed due to a technical issue. Insurance should cover you if you need to rent costumes and other items again and reshoot essential pictures.

Get aware that you will only be compensated if you dislike the images or if the photographer is skilled.

#7. Legal action and personal responsibility

On the event day, you should be covered if there is any damage to the venue or if a third party sustains an injury. If the accident occurs and it is determined that a visitor was at fault, you will not be protected.

If a person is killed or injured due to anything that happened at the wedding, the couple’s legal fees associated with the lawsuit will also be reimbursed.

What Does Wedding Insurance UK Not Cover?

#1. Frozen feet

Keep your feet warm because while wedding insurance exists to protect you from issues with your location, a supplier, or a key wedding party member being unwell, it does not cover if one of the couples changes their minds.

#2. Cancellation because of a minor issue

Even if the flowers show up and are dead, there are better excuses to call off the whole event (don’t worry; you’ll still get your money back for the flowers).

Therefore, you won’t be protected if you decide to cancel for a cause that the insurance company doesn’t consider serious enough.

#3. Cancellation because of a cash flow issue

Because weddings may be expensive, you should carefully evaluate this provision before going over budget. You will only be covered if you can afford to pay for your wedding and have to cancel it.

The one exception is if the financial problem is due to redundancy since you wouldn’t have known when you took out the insurance that you would be made redundant.

However, there will be limitations and terms and conditions associated with this, so carefully read the fine print.

#4. Medical disorders that need cancellation due to prior history

As was already indicated, as long as there was no pre-existing ailment, such as cancer or heart disease, you are protected if a significant wedding guest becomes sick or passes away.

#5. The experience being ruined by the weather

If bad weather prevents guests from arriving at your site, rain during an outdoor wedding would be covered differently. You can pay for it if it’s essential since specialized wedding insurance plans cover things like thunderstorms during outdoor weddings.

#6. A tent cover

Some marquees are classified differently from venues. You wouldn’t be protected by the provisions of a “venue” described above if you built a tent on your property, a garden, or on land that is not the marquee owners.

However, you may pay an additional fee to have a marquee cover, which will shield you from any damage to the marquee’s structure and everything inside of it, including the staging, chairs, tables, lighting, and flooring.

You don’t need an additional marquee cover if the tent already exists at the wedding location.

#7. Symbolic swords

Unusual, but worth knowing: you’ll need additional protection if you want to use ceremonial swords during your wedding.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance UK Cost?

Compared to the whole amount of money you’ll be spending on your big day, the price of wedding insurance is a small fraction of the total amount.

This is excellent news for you. Most insurance providers set their pricing at a minimum of £50 and go up from there. The cost of a policy will be determined by the quantity of coverage that is required, though.

On average, a wedding in the United Kingdom will set you back around £17,500.

After researching several wedding insurance providers, we discovered that the premiums for protecting a wedding with this budget might vary from £110 to £165, depending on the policy and the provider.

That accounts for a fraction of one per cent of the total expense of the wedding.

Best Wedding Insurance UK 2023

#1. Wedinsure


Wedinsure is the best wedding insurance UK that offers couples preparing for their nuptials the opportunity to purchase financial insurance that will take care of them if anything goes wrong in the time leading up to or on the day of their wedding.

They provide eight different levels of coverage for weddings, ranging from £5,000 to £50,000. The scope for wedding protection offered by Wedinsure begins at only £50.

#2. Dreamsaver


Dreamsaver has five different levels of coverage, starting with their Silver insurance, which protects weddings costing up to £6,000, and going all the way up to their Diamond level, which covers weddings costing up to £30,000.

You also have the option to include coverage for coronavirus inside your insurance. Their insurance begins for £55 for the Silver level. It makes them also one of the best wedding insurance UK.


Can you get wedding insurance after booking?

Yes. Wedding insurance may be acquired any time leading up to the wedding, but the earlier, the better since there will be a more excellent selection of plans.

What is not covered by wedding insurance?

Cancellations due to rain (but not severe weather), a change of heart, moving vendors after a deposit has been paid, and your engagement ring are usually not covered by the two main wedding insurance plans.

Which Insurance companies offer wedding insurance in the UK?

  1. covermywedding.co.uk,
  2. Wedinsure.
  3. Emerald Life.
  4. WedCover.
  5. InsureMyDay.
  6. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance.


This article provides a general response or perspective to Best Wedding Insurance UK to help and educate readers. Every insurer will have a separate set of policies, which is not intended to provide financial advice.

If you have questions about a professional provider’s coverage, we always advise connecting with them personally and carefully reviewing their wedding insurance policies before making a purchase.

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