The Definitive Ranking of the 5 Best Wedding Insurance UK

Wedding Insurance UK

Looking for the best wedding insurance? Your wedding is a big day in your life. You must have some desires, and expectations about your wedding day.

Everyone wants to remember the day for the rest of their life.

That is why, many couples go big for their dress selection, jewellery selection, and rink choice, and of course, they do not go with the cheapest food and decor.

So, you can assume the medium wedding budget can be 20,700 pounds or more. 

So, if you are dreaming of spending more on this special day, it will make sense to purchase wedding insurance.

Your wedding insurance plan will cover you if parts of your wedding don’t go as planned or if your wedding event gets cancelled.

The idea of purchasing wedding insurance is a new approach but I can assure you that it will be an effective one for you.

Well, if you are looking to get the best wedding insurance then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to wrap together what is wedding insurance, What wedding insurance covers, what things does wedding insurance not cover, and the 5 best wedding insurance in the UK.

What is a Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a specific type of insurance that will cover you from any type of financial loss that occurs as a result of cancellation, illness, venue or supplier failure, and accidents.

If your wedding event gets cancelled because of any of these mentioned causes or something else that goes wrong in the run-up to the day or wedding event itself. 

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Most wedding insurance policies cover the following factors, including:

Is the venue closing down or not fit for use

If any circumstances arise that make it impossible to get married at the venue, then the insurance company will cover you. It will keep you safe from losing your finances.

These circumstances include a fire catching the venue, the venue going bankrupt, a flood occurring, and if the venue cancels your booking itself for any reason.

You can see this in the cancellation cover of your wedding insurance.

You have to cancel your wedding event for illness, accident, or death of a close family member

no one knows what can happen at when. So, if there are circumstances arise and you have to rearrange or cancel your wedding event, the wedding insurance policy will cover you.

These circumstances include if you become sick if you face an accident if you lose a close family member, or if something unexpected happens to you.

The insurance policy will cover the costs. But you must keep in mind that if you become sick because of pre-existing conditions, the insurance company will not cover you.

Extreme Weather Conditions resulting in the cancellation of the wedding event

Yes, snow may look pretty on your wedding day but if it becomes as severe as the storms then you may require to cancel the big event.

Because at least 50% of your expected guests are unlikely to attend the event. In that case, your insurance provider will cover your costs.

Lost or Stolen items

If one of your important wedding things gets missing or stolen then the wedding insurance policy will cover your costs. But, it is another fact the level of covering may differ from policy to policy.

Many wedding insurance cover if your wedding ring is stolen but in many cases, the cover is valid if that hep[opened a week before the wedding day.

What Things Wedding Insurance not Cover

However, there are things related to weddings that are not covered by the wedding policy. These include:

  • Cancellation of your wedding due to a small problem
  • Cold feet
  • Cancellation because of financial difficulty
  • Bad weather
  • Marquee Cover
  • Ceremonial Swords
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that cancel your wedding

5 Best Wedding Insurance UK


Image- Wedinsure. co. uk

Wedinsure was founded in 2011 and it is one of the top-ranked global insurance providers with stable ratings for financial stability.

Wedinsure offers ten main types of wedding insurance, including liability coverage and cancellation coverage, weather, loss, theft, and more. 

There are also optional add-on coverages for jewellery, gifts, loss of deposits, special attires, and more.

The pricing of the wedding policies may vary from plan to plan. The coverage ranges from 6000 Pounds to 100000 Pounds depending on the pricing.

You can apply for a quote in a matter of minutes and you can purchase policy online. 


  • Flexible coverage lets you add what you need
  • Coverage for rented property is available
  • Transport cover
  • Wedding gifts cover


  • Liability coverage may not be available for a destination wedding

Costs: Wedding insurance plans start at 38.99 Pounds
Ratings: 4.7 Star

2. WedCover

Image- www. compareweddinginsurance. org. uk

WedCover is one of the best wedding insurance UK, and it protects your special day with a range of 10 levels of cover.

You can purchase this wedding insurance online and there is an easy signup process to follow. WedCover offers a range of coverage with varying price options.

Their coverage includes wedding rings, flowers, cancellation & curtailment, wedding car and transport, and more.

The coverage ranges from 5,000 Pounds to 50,000 Pounds. 

The amazing fact about this wedding insurance policy is that you can opt for the one you need according to your circumstances.


  • Smooth processing
  •  A range of cover limits
  • Easy to navigate
  • Ease of application


  • Limited options for a destination wedding

Costs: Wedding insurance plans start from 40 Pounds
Ratings: 4.3 Star

3. John Lewis Wedding Insurance

John Lewis is one of the major wedding insurance providers in the UK. John Lewis wedding insurance has six levels of coverage.

Weddings, both home weddings and abroad are covered under John Lewis’s insurance policy. One of the major aspects of John Lewis wedding insurance is that the team focuses on providing quality customer service. 

Their wedding insurance coverage ranges from 10000 Pounds of cancellation coverage for only 60 Pounds to 100,000 Pounds of cancellation coverage for 310 Pounds.

The coverage levels include cancellation or rearrangement, failure of suppliers, wedding rings, loss or damage, legal expenses, and public liability.

  • Six levels of cancellation coverage
  • The maximum cancellation cover is 100,000 Pounds
  • An outstanding customer service
  • offers a high level of protection


  • Marquee cover extra
  • Excludes sickness and death 
  • Excludes cover for fireworks, or other pyrotechnic devices or effects

Costs: Wedding insurance Plans start from 60 Pounds
Ratings: 4.2 Star

4. Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance
Image- The Wedding Guide UK

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance is another popular insurance provider in the United Kingdom that you can consider.

Dreamsaver is a multi-award-winning wedding insurance that provides cancellation coverage for up to 80,000 Pounds.

There are 8 levels of coverage you can opt for, including Silver, Pearl, Gold, Amber, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond. Each of the tiers comes with a variety of coverages. 

They include a wide range of wedding coverage to support you secure your great day.

They offer coverages for rings, flowers, cancellation, photography and video, and many more. So, you can choose your tier according to your circumstances and needs.


  • Cancellation coverage up to 80,000 Pounds
  • Cover for deposits to wedding suppliers
  • You can tailor your Dreamsaver Wedding insurance according to your needs
  • Good choice of levels of coverage


  • The starting policy price is much higher

Costs: Dreamsaver wedding insurance plan starts at 130 Pounds
Ratings: 4.5 Star

5. Emerald Wedding Insurance

Image- www. compareweddinginsurance. org. uk

Award-winning Emerald Wedding Insurance is back now. Now they cover two reception events including a wedding ceremony mentioning that these three events must be held within 21 days of each other. The reception and wedding ceremony can be held in any order.

Emerald Wedding insurance offers 8 different levels of coverage, these are Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, Premier, Premier Plus, and Supreme.

The highest cancellation coverage can be provided up to 410 Pounds. Emerald Wedding Insurance has put together various coverages to reassure the couples.

The coverages include civil partnerships, weddings, and conversion ceremonies. Here, you can find a comprehensive cover to cater to all budgets. 

  • 8 Levels of coverage provided
  • Comprehensive worldwide wedding is covered
  • Cancellation coverage ranges from 12,500 to 100,000 Pounds


  • Personal liability does not apply to weddings taking place in America and Canada.
  • Excludes cover if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression

Costs: Emerald Wedding Insurance Plan starts at 53 Pounds.
Ratings: 4 Star


How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost UK?

Ans: There are so many variations available in wedding insurance plans, that the average amount you need to spend on purchasing wedding insurance ranges between 150-180 Pounds.

Should I get Wedding Insurance In the UK?

Ans: Many people think that wedding insurance is only effective for bad weather conditions and illness, or accidents. However, there are various reasons to purchase a Wedding Insurance policy.

  • First, various venues require liability coverage to protect against any harm or injury that may take place during the event. If you do not have Wedding Insurance, you will have limited venues to choose from.
  • Wedding insurance will make you secure if someone gets injured during the event and they knock on your door to cover their medical bills.
  • If you want to serve alcohol at your wedding premises, you need to be sure that you are purchasing a wedding policy that secures you against liquor-related accidents.


Now, you may have gathered some more knowledge about purchasing the best Wedding Insurance in the UK.

Here, I have provided every detail of wedding insurance including 5 best Wedding Insurance Providers in the UK.

Because I only wanted to include the best Wedding Insurers in my guide, I compared the providers based on the most critical factors that affect the policyholders. 

I have considered the customer reviews and ranking, the ability to tailor each policy, and included coverage and exclusions.

So, you can pick one insurance company from my list that suits all your expectations and budget. Make your day the most financially secure one with one of the best Wedding Insurance. 

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