5 Best Independent Financial Advisors in The UK

Independent Financial Advisors

Most UK people desire to own a stable financial future in their life to achieve their financial goals in their life.

There are many times come in our life when some effective financial planning should be carried out, but you will be not able to go alone.

Whether it’s saving for an effective retirement, or about investment to grow family wealth, or maybe getting financial freedom from debt, you can’t put successful financial planning alone.

Working with an Independent financial advisor in the UK helps you to achieve financial peace of mind.

If you will be connected with a financial professional then you can get an effective plan for your future finances which also helps to gain your financial objective.

Here, in this article, we are going to round up the 5 best independent financial advisors in the UK.

What is the role of a financial advisor?

Professional financial advisors help you in making decisions about what you should do with your money. These may involve investments or other courses of action. Some of the responsibilities of a financial advisor are:

Investment advice:

Professional financial advisors offer you advice on the particular investments that suits your goods, style, risk of tolerance, etc. they execute the strategies of the investment and also make some adjustments if required.

Debt Management:

Financial advisors make some effective plantings so that your debt can be paid down and avoid debt in the future.

Tax planning:

Financial advisors provide services for the tax that includes tax return preparation, planning to minimize tax in retirement, maximizing tax deduction, ensuring the best use of capital gains tax rates, etc.

Long-term healthcare and Insurance:

A professional financial advisor offers you the best long-term health insurance that suits your budget effectively.

Making budget:

Financial advisors will provide you with the best guide with some effective strategies so that you can prepare a budget that helps you to meet your financial short and long-term goals.

Retirement planning:

A financial advisor will make a saving plan for you so that you can enjoy your retirement happily.

Financial Advisors
Financial Advisors

Who does need a financial advisor and why?

It depends on your goals and situation, the answer depends on various factors. If you are more comfortable managing your financial complexities then you can skip hiring a professional advisor.

If you are uncertain regarding your investment, your future planning, or taking care of your family then financial advisors are worth it for you.

An expert financial advisor’s advice may be needed at different phases of your life such as when you have to get a promotion, get a child, or be in front of the door of retirement.

But you should hire a financial advisor if you can save 20% of your annual income. Or, if your financial situation is getting worse day by day then you must hire a financial advisor. A financial advisor is worth it for you if:

  • You want help regarding investment strategies.
  • You are nearly at your retirement.
  • You require tax guidance.
  • Your financial situation is too worse to handle.

A professional financial advisor will help you to close the gap between where you are lying financially and where you want to be. A financial advisor monitors and reassesses the financial performances that you may not be able to perform regularly due to lack of time.

Regular monitoring of your financial performance is necessary to be ensuring of your financial alignment to reach your financial dream.

How can you choose the best financial advisor in the UK?

If you are looking for special guidance on financial products such as investment, saving plans, retirement plans, mortgages, and loans, you may get effective advice from a financial advisor. In the UK, financial advisors may also be called by their specialism such as a mortgage, tax, or pension advisor.

When you start working with a financial advisor it doesn’t mean that you need to seek out their opinion regularly. It might be one-time consultation.

One-time financial advice:

Some financial advisors will work with you as a one-time advisor. They will help you to get rid of a specific issue or to develop a financial plan for you.

You might ask your financial advisor about your recent financial performance to review your current situation.

You need to keep in mind that one-time financial advisors are not uncommon engagements. You may seek their advice s full-time advisory or more frequent financial checkups.

Hiring a full-time financial advisor:

You may seek the advice of a financial advisor on a full-time basis. Some advisors provide ongoing investment services as well as investment planning about issues that investors may face.

These issues may include tax planning, savings for your children’s education, retirement planning, etc.

The benefit of being connected with this full-time advisor is that the investor gets a professional watching his assets and also gets relevant opinions on his overall situation throughout his ups and downs.

Who are the 5 best independent financial advisors in the UK?

Here, we are going to highlight the 5 best independent financial advisors in the UK, you can find a detailed review of each of the firms.

Alexander House Financial Services Ltd:

Image Source: LinkedIn

Alexander house financial services ltd. Id the top-rated independent financial services in the UK. It is a UK investment advisory firm based financial service located in West Yorkshire, with advisors throughout the UK.

It provides high-quality services to its clients. It is a trustable financial advisor service as it communicates regarding its charges with the client before the appointment.

They offer you their approaches to wealth management.

They provide services wide range of individual, professional, industrial, and corporate financial services. With an effective team that assists the UK people in a completely transparent approach.


Image Source: Employee ownership

Castlefield is a team of investment and advisory businesses that value its clients a lot. It is one of the most renowned investment advisory services in the UK. The primary team came from the UK fund management.

Their main focus was on investment in charities and it is also carried on today. It is widely recognized for its effective integrated advice and sustainable investments.

It is now partnered with The Charity Service to launch a new philanthropy service for helping customers by giving money as charity.

Almary Green:

Image Source: Pitchbook

If you are searching for trustable and honest financial advisor services in the Uk, then you can opt for Almary Green. This service is designed to help its clients in identifying and rectifying any negative approach to their money.

This behavioral approach allows its clients to better manage their money and plan for long-term financial success.

M F S Independent Financial Advisers:

Image Source: LinkedIn

MFS Independent Financial Advisors is another most trustable independent financial advisor service in London. It is a well-known and honorable independent financial advice company that has a track record of over 50 years.

MFS advisers are all qualified with the highest level of chartered financial planning. They provide advice on pension and retirement, financial planning, savings, tax planning, long-term planning, etc.

Exploratory consultations are free of charge but a fee structure will always be provided in the client’s agreement before executing any fee-based work.

Fairstone Group:

Image Source: Smart Money People

Fairstone group is the largest independent chartered financial adviser in the UK.

The company was established in 2008 in the North East. They will understand how important it is to make the most of your money. They also deliver outsourcing services whenever their clients are in need.

Their key services include investment management, retirement, and pension planning, estate planning, mortgages, and corporate financial planning.


What can a financial advisor do for me?

Ans: Professional financial advisor provides you with guidance on what, when, and how to invest. They also create some financial strategies for you so that financial risks can be reduced.

What is the difference between a financial planner and an advisor?

Ans: the primary difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner is that a financial advisor focuses on your money and investment whereas a financial planner focuses on you and your objectives.

Do financial advisors know tax advice?

Ans: Financial advisors work with their clients on specific tax issues. If you are facing tax issues, you can seek the services of financial advisors to resolve the issues.

Financial advisors often help their clients to provide tax advice.

Is it worth getting a financial advisor in the UK?

Ans: Yes, there is a huge number of people who got benefits by allowing financial advisors to review their finances. If you feel confused about the working of financial investments then It is worth your money to have a financial advisor in the UK.


Choosing a financial adviser might seem to be scary, but if you need a financial decision it’s well worth focusing on. A good adviser can save your money and secure your financial future.

Not everyone has the time to supervise his finances. So, it is increasingly important to hire someone who continuously monitors and manages one’s personal and household finances.

Here, we have listed the 5 best independent financial advisers in the UK; you can pick any one of them that perfectly suits your expectations.

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