7 Best Free Money Manager Apps for Android

Money Manager Apps

Picking the right money management app for an Android is not a universal experience. Everyone belongs to a different financial condition, so a money management app that is perfect for someone may be inconvenient for another.

We recommend using a budgeting app to organize your finances. The valuable features of a money management app will help you to understand your income, and spending so you can have maximum control over your money.

Money manager apps may link to your bank accounts as well as credit cards to automatically download transactions and categorize your expenses to match the budget you choose.

To help, we are going to round up the 7 best money management apps for an android phone. In addition, these budgeting apps come for free and have features that will match your budgeting style.

What does a money manager do?

A money manager is a person or a financial firm that organizes and manages all the financial aspects of any individual or institutional investor. Money managers provide their clients with a personalized service including an ongoing service.

A professional expert money manager has all the knowledge to select the most appropriate investment matching to their client’s portfolio.  A money manager with expertise in specific sectors.

A professional money manager doesn’t receive commissions on transactions, they are paid based on the percentage of assets under management.

What are the 5 principles of money management?

As per some financial advisors, 5 principles of money management are:

#1. Your financial goal must be unique to you:

As your way of life is different from others, your financial plan can’t be as similar to others. Sometimes, it can be seen that people follow the crowd and ended with losses rather than profits.

Your money management style must be unique, so you need to walk through your financial way. Moreover, your earnings and expenses never match someone else’s.

#2. Intelligently invest for the longer term:

The concept of money management lies between basic earnings and spending. To secure your future, you need to invest for a longer period. Depending upon your financial goals, investible surplus-there are various investment opportunities in the UK.

Don’t invest expecting a huger return in a shorter period; rather go forward with a long-term vision in mind.

#3. Diversify:

No matter which investment you are preferring, your money I always risky over some factors not in your control. One of the trickiest movements to follow healthy money management is to diversify your investment.

Investing in multiple instruments will reduce your chances of facing extreme losses.

#4. Set realistic financial goals:

Setting realistic financial goals is essential. When you visualize your target then you will work hard to achieve the goal. While you will walk on the path of money management, you will face more risks.

So, you need to set practical financial goals for yourself and start slow, checking the performance of your investment. Thus the chances of loss will be decreased.

#5. Be wise with your debts:

Sometimes, your debts can lower the standards of your living. Debts always mortgage your future. You must not presume upon the future and you must understand the true cost.

7 best money management apps for android:

If you are feeling like your money is flying out your door, these apps will help you to find out where your money is going out. Managing and budgeting your money is very important. We are living in this present era where various subscription charges are common.

You may have various rent and utilities to pay. So, to manage all the activities we recommend using a money manager app to organize your finance.

Here are the 7 best money manager apps in the UK:

#1. Mint:

Money Manager Apps

This free and widely renowned app from the makers of TurboTax will help you with various financial tasks such as making budgets, tracking your expenses, paying bills, and keeping an eye on your investments.

It will link to all your accounts, and investment accounts, including bank and credit card providers. Some of the more convenient features included reminders for bill payments and customized budget tips based on your spending habits.

You can use this app across multiple devices such as Android, Mac, iOS, Tablet, etc.

Cost: Free

#2. Goodbudget:

Money Manager Apps

Goodbudget is another effective app that helps you to create a budget, share it with your partner, and stick to it. It features cross-platform support so you can check it out on android, iOS, and the web.

Additionally, you will get expense tracking, income tracking, and various budgeting tools. You can also export data as a CSV file, OFX, and QFX in case you need that. It is one of the simplest and easiest apps. Some of the main features are free. But, if you require to access more advanced features then you can go for a premium subscription.

Cost: Free

#3. Personal Capital:

Money Manager Apps

Personal capital is a free money manager app in the UK, that comes with plenty of features to help you see your investments, monthly cash flow, your retirement fund, etc. this app is for people looking to build wealth while managing their budget.

It is primarily an investment app but it includes all the features of the best budgeting app. You can sort your expenses into a category and you can compare your expenses with other months. There is not much manual work. This app automatically syncs your expenses. It is free to access and available for Android, the web, and iOS.

#4. Wallet:

Money Manager Apps

The wallet is the best budgeting app for people who have already used other money manager apps but still struggling to manage their finance. It automatically syncs your bank transactions and generates detailed reports and graphs.

These reports suggest where you could budget more or save less. The wallet also notifies you regarding your upcoming payments and tracks your bills. You can export your financial report.

It is free to use but also comes with very advanced features that you need to subscribe to.

Cost: free

#5. Quicken:

Money Manager Apps

This money manager app allows you to view all your financial accounts including banking, credit cards, investment accounts, and retirement fund in one place. It comes with features that help you to manage your spending, view and manage your bills and track your investments.

Quicken is designed and developed for laptops and desktops but there is a companion app that you can use on your phone. Quicken is a little more expensive than others but can cover all types of accounts in one go.

This app comes for free but if you want to access more advanced features then you can go with the premium one.

Cost: Free

#6. AndroMoney:

Money Manager Apps

AndroMoney is a free budgeting app for Android that has an intuitive and easy interface. It offers customizable budgets, income summary reports, and detailed graphs to manage your finance. This app is very effective for people who prefer to do their accounting manually but are eager to experience to be streamlined possible.

The free version of AndroMoney comes with ads, but you can purchase the premium one if you need to access this app regularly.

Cost: free

#7. YNAB (You Need a Budget):

Money Manager Apps

The YNAB app is for people who want to organize their finances down to the last penny. It uses a zero-based budgeting system, which means your income minus your spending should equal zero. But it does not mean you spend all the money in one month that you earn in the month.

It means each penny is accounted for whether it’s savings, shopping, or debt payment. YNAB allows you to view your expenses alongside your spending categories and your financial objectives. This app comes free to use for 34 days. If you want then go with a monthly subscription too.

Cost: Free


Who needs a money manager app?

Ans: A money manager app is essential for people who want to organize their finances down to the last penny. The best money manager app helps you to manage your money. Besides, the best money manager app helps you to understand your income and expenditure so that you can have maximum control over your money.

What are the 4 characteristics of a good money manager?

Ans: Four fundamental features of a good money manager app are as follows:

  • To have the ability to link the user’s various bank accounts, debit, and credit cards.
  • Must work flawlessly according to the user’s authorization.
  • It must provide reminders and alert to the user regarding any important financial activity.
  • It must allow people to track their transactions and spending in real-time.


There are mainly two types of money management apps: the first is an expense tracker. These types of apps are for people who deduct a lot of stuff from their taxes. Business owners, bloggers like me, and all sorts of other professionals use expense trackers. This kind of app lets you know how much money you have spent on all the stuff needed for your job.

The other style of money manager app is the one that I have mentioned in this guide. It keeps track of your bank budget, your bills, expenses, utilities, and other such things. These are especially beneficial for the crowd who manage multiple accounts at once and pay a lot for their subscriptions online.

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