Guard Your Gadgets: Unbeatable TV Insurance Deals Await!

TV Insurance

Today our world has become more or less a gadget-driven world. Separating gadgets from our daily lives? It’s an “impossible” thing for us.

With each passing day, our bonding with various gadgets is getting stronger. The reason? They help our work get done without any hassle. Also, with them, our work becomes complete in no time. 

Among all of the different gadgets, television is a gadget that plays an important part in our lives. It not only amuses us but also gives us important pedagogy on different aspects of life.

Considering this, it’s crucial to protect the investment that we make on our TV. It’s our responsibility to protect it from financial losses and entertainment disruption. 

Wondering about the protection method? Can’t get it how it’s possible to give protection to your TV? Just choose the right TV insurance for your television and you’re done. Sit relaxed and relish the program of entertainment that you love to watch on your TV.

How is it possible? ​Well! There are a couple of Gadget insurance-providing companies from which you can seek help. These insurance providers safeguard your entertainment unit. They will cover you if your TV faces any of the following –

  • TV insurance accidental damage.
  • Theft.
  • Power surges, etc. 

With TV insurance at hand, you will remain free of stress and enjoy your favorite shows with peace of mind. 

Common TV Vulnerabilities

You might wonder, what is the requirement of insuring your Television? Well! Insuring a TV helps it overcome various problems at the cost of the TV insurance provider.

The common TV vulnerabilities include  –

  • Accidental damage to your TV. It may happen due to mishandling of the TV or its fall from a height. 
  • Power surges or voltage fluctuations. It might damage your TV’s sensitive parts. 
  • Theft of your TV. Burglars usually target high-cost items and the price of a TV is usually high. 

Understanding TV Insurance – It’s Benefits 

TV Insurance

No matter whatever problem your Television faces, getting the right type of insurance always helps you cope with the problem.

The policies of TV insurance are specifically made to lend you a financial hand while the budget for repairing your TV damages is high.

Even when the repair cost is low, you will have no issues. You will get the exact money from the insurance provider right after you claim for it.

The benefits of insuring your TV with a trustworthy policy are many –

  • The TV insurance will cover the entire repair cost for the TV damage. Thus, you will be saved from spending a significant amount of money on the TV repair. 
  • You can always watch your TV with peace of mind. The potential risks of damage to your entertainment unit will no longer bother you. 
  • By insuring your TV you can expect regular maintenance of your TV. Also, your TV will be timely repaired. So, the longevity of your TV will increase. Also, you will experience your TV’s optimal performance for many years. 

TV Insurance Coverage – Its Types

1. Coverage For TV Insurance Accidental Damage

This insurance policy covers your TV in case of it’s accidental damage. It provides you – 

  • ​​​​​​The TV repair cost.
  • The TV replacement cost. 

2. Coverage For Theft Protection

This TV insurance gives you coverage for your TV cost in case someone steals your TV. 

3. Extended Warranty Coverage

This insurance policy extends your TV’s warranty period. However, it covers only the manufacturer’s warranty on the TV. It’s a way to give additional years of protection to your TV

Best TV Insurance, UK – Our 5 Picks

1. Protect Your Bubble

Guard Your Gadgets: Unbeatable TV Insurance Deals Await!

This TV insurance company gives you comprehensive coverage for your TV’s –

  • Mechanical breakdown.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Theft. 

Also, with this insurance at hand, you will get worldwide coverage. The insurance is a reliable one that offers –

  • An effortless process. You can make your claim quickly and easily. 
  • Flexible coverage options.
  • All-time customer care support. 
  • Different customizable plans that meet your requirements.
  • Diverse policies with different budget options. 

However, despite so many positive sides of this insurance, some downsides of this insurance also exist.

Compare the premium of various TV insurance policies and you will find that this policy’s premium rate is slightly higher. Also, you will have to accept some coverage limitations. 

2. Gadget Cover

TV Insurance

Buy this TV insurance if you want extensive coverage for your TV and other gadgets. This insurance specializes in protecting your TV from –

  • Accidental damage.
  • Liquid damage.
  • Burglary, etc. 

You can also go for the optional extra plans of this insurance. It covers the costs of different accessories along with the cost of the TV, in case of damage, theft, etc. This insurance offers you –

  • Affordable premium rate.
  • Effortless processing with quick claims.
  • Competitive pricing. 
  • Transparent policies. 

If you’re a budget-conscious customer, this insurance policy is ideal for your TV or other gadgets.

However, you must also be aware that the coverage given by this insurance for second-hand TVs is much less. Also, you may face some exclusions as well. 


TV Insurance

Looking for a TV insurance company that gives you flexible coverage options for your TV? Also, want an affordable monthly premium option from the company?

Then, will be your ideal choice in this case. With this company, you can expect no claiming of hidden fees.

Wondering, what if your TV faces any TV insurance accidental damage and breakdown or is stolen by someone?

This insurance provider is all set to help you get out of the shock. It will cover all of your losses. Wanna listen more?

Well! This insurance provider gives you the chance to make unlimited claims. The UK-based company’s customer care support remains open for you all the time. 

With this insurance company, you can expect –

  • Straightforward insurance plans.
  • Transparent terms & conditions.
  • Reliability.
  • Affordability.  

4. Switched On Insurance

TV Insurance

Here’s another TV insurance provider that offers comprehensive worldwide coverage for TVs. The reason for this coverage ranges from TV damage to theft. Also, you will get optional extras, if you want. They include –

  • Family cover.
  • Breakdown Protection, etc. 

The best parts? This insurance offers competitive premiums. With this insurance, you will have to pay no admin fees.

Also, the company gives you the privilege of making unlimited claims. The flexible coverage options this insurance provider offers are lucrative deals for the customers.

They value this insurance provider because of its responsive customer support and reliability. One of the downsides of this company is that it gives your TV limited coverage in case it is an older one. 

5. Insurance2Go

TV Insurance

Wanna customize your TV insurance plan according to your wish? Call Insurance2Go to get a quote. Your TV has faced TV insurance accidental damage?

Or, it’s a case of theft or breakdown? Trust this insurance provider to get full coverage. No need to mention, that you can also choose optional extras as well. They might include – 

  • Family cover.
  • Accessory protection, etc. 

The insurance company offers –

Flexible coverage options. 
Instant cover. 
Hassle-free claims.
Excellent customer service. 
Budget-friendly premiums, etc. 
Coverage in case of unexpected mishaps. 

The downside of this TV insurance company is that some of their claims demand excess fees. Also, they give limited coverage to second-hand gadgets. 

Hidden Gems – Additional Coverage Options 

1. Accessories Protection

Other than TV, some other additional accessories also need insurance. This is because, like TV, these things can also be mishandled by the user and can get damaged.

The example of some of such accessories are –

  • Remote controls for the TV.
  • Cables.
  • Wall mounts, etc. 

Getting insurance for these accessories ensures their safety. It will be assured that you will get compensation from the insurance provider in case of their damage. 

2. Home Entertainment system protection

Most people often connect their TV to home entertainment systems like –

  • Sound systems.
  • Gaming consoles.
  • Music speakers, etc. 

These additional gadgets also come with the risk of getting damaged, if mishandled. Also, the damage may happen for other reasons as well.

So, it’s always best to insure these gadgets just like you insure your TV. Different insurance policies exist in the market for these gadgets as well.  

3. Worldwide Coverage

Think you are relocating with your TV to some other country. Or, you are a constant traveler who travels with your portable TV and hardly remains for many days at a place.

What’s now? Can you insure your TV in this case with a trustworthy TV insurance policy?

Of course, you can do it! Insurance policies for TV with worldwide coverage do exist! Choosing any of these plans will give your TV constant protection, no matter where you live in the whole world. 


1. Can I claim my TV on insurance?

TV being one of the expensive electronic items, is insured by various users. The insurance policies for which they give premiums allow for the repair and replacement of their TV. They are repaired or replaced in case of their TV insurance accidental damage, burglary, or breakdown.

Other than normal TV insurance, home insurance can also get your job done. Domestic and general TV insurance coverage can fetch you a new TV in place of your old and broken one. However, for that, you have to remain under content insurance coverage. 


TV insurance in the UK is very important if you value your TV and want to increase its longevity. Once, damaged or stolen, it becomes burdensome for a person to compensate for it. Giving a small amount of monthly premium for your TV keeps it insured and protected for years. With TV insurance, your investment in TV is protected. Also, it will give you peace of mind and uninterrupted entertainment.

Many TV insurance providers are there in the UK. All of them cater to the diverse needs of the customers regarding their TVs and gadgets. However, choosing the right type of insurance for your TV is a challenging deal. Go through the pros and cons of all types of policies.

Read their rules and regulations in detail and explore your suitable coverage options. Finally, go for the policy that satisfies you in every respect and meets your budget. Best of luck for your endeavor. 

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