Drive-away Insurance: Securely Your New Car to Take Home

Drive-away Insurance

Insurance is one of the essential documents in the UK for driving cars, and people without proper insurance papers for their vehicles are not allowed to drive their cars on the streets of the UK.

This law will also apply to brand-new cars, and people who need to take their car home should also have insurance for driving.

So, to avoid these kinds of problems, people can get drive-away insurance that helps them take their new car home without any legal issues.

This type of insurance is available in car showrooms, and people can get them to take their vehicles back home without any problems.

Most people in the UK know about these rules, and people with the annual policy will be safe. They don’t need to care about getting temporary insurance for their vehicle because their annual policy packs itself enough.

People with this insurance will have more benefits and advantages than the temporary insurances that help people take their new cars home.

People of the United Kingdom strictly follow this law, and it helps people by providing various features that include accident covers.

These are some points about the drive-away insurance available for vehicles.

Why Do I Need a Drive-away Insurance?

Drive-away Insurance

In The UK, the country’s government has a traffic law that people riding cars and other vehicles on the roads should have proper insurance documents for their safety. And people without valid documents will get severe fines for their mistakes.

And this law is also applicable to people riding their new cars or other vehicles home. People should have an insurance paper for their car, how far or short the journey is.

So, to overcome this problem, many insurance companies provide drive-away insurance which is very useful for people who are buying new cars.

People buying cars can use this kind of instant insurance instead of sorting out their annual insurance policy, which may take more time.

This drive-away insurance policy is temporary insurance that helps people take their vehicles home without any legal issues about the insurance on the roads of the UK.

People who like to take their car immediately from the showroom can also use this insurance to take their car when it is available. These are some of the expected points about drive-away insurance.

How does drive-away insurance work?

Car insurance is essential for people to drive their vehicle on the roads of the UK, and people who buy a new car can use their car insurance to cover their new vehicle.

Their insurance policy should support their newly purchased car. And people will have seven to twenty days to add their new car to their existing insurance scheme.

But in some cases, a few car insurance policies will not cover these kinds of new vehicles, and some may not even have care insurance, in that time, the drive-away insurance will help them by providing insurance.

With this kind of insurance, people can get their vehicle out and drive to their location until they get proper vehicle insurance for that particular vehicle.

This short-term vehicle insurance will help people get insurance coverage for their car for twenty-eight days. After that, people can even pay and extend their shot-tern drive-away insurance until they get their permanent vehicle insuranceIn.

These are some of the points about the working of drive-away insurance.

What does drive-away insurance cover?

Like all other car insurance, this short-term insurance will cover various features like liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and Collision coverage for new cars.

It will also cover some of the minimum required car insurance coverage in particular states of the country.

Though all the features are similar to the permanent vehicle insurance, the time duration of the temporary or the drive away insurance will be less.

In some, the insurance will cover only the distance from the showroom to the customer’s location.

People who are willing to get these kinds of drive-away insurance should know about all these features available with their temporary insurance.

This short-term insurance will be the best option for people who need to take their new car to their homes, and people without these insurance documents will not have permission to drive on the roads of the UK.

These are some points that people need to know about drive-away insurance or short-term insurance.

Benefits of Drive-away Insurance

One of the primary advantages of drive-away insurance is the immediate protection it offers for your new car. You don’t have to worry about the risks associated with driving an uninsured vehicle, as this policy kicks in right when you need it the most.

Additionally, drive-away insurance provides flexibility in choosing coverage options, ensuring that you have the right level of protection for your specific needs.

Beyond the coverage aspect, it provides peace of mind for the drive home. You can focus on enjoying your new car without concerns about potential accidents or unforeseen events.

Different kinds of drive-away insurance

In vehicle insurance, three different types of drive-away insurance are available, suitable for all kinds of new cars available.

Those drive-away insurance types are

  • Dealership drive-away insurance
  • Drive Away insurance from the current insurance
  • Short-term and temporary car insurance

These are some of the drive-away insurance available for new cars, and all these types of insurance will cover similar coverages only.

Still, the time duration and the additional features will differ with some insurance policies. These are some points about the different varieties of drive-away insurance available for people in the UK.

Key Considerations When Choosing Drive-away Insurance

Before settling on a drive-away insurance policy, consider factors such as coverage limits, policy exclusions, and cost.

While the coverage is temporary, understanding the terms and conditions is crucial to ensure you have the right protection during the initial period of ownership.


  1. Is drive-away insurance mandatory when buying a new car?
    • No, it’s not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to ensure immediate protection for your new vehicle.
  2. Can I extend drive-away insurance coverage beyond the initial period?
    • Typically, drive-away insurance has a short duration, but some providers may offer extensions. Check with your insurance provider for options.
  3. Do I still need long-term insurance if I have drive-away insurance?
    • Yes, drive-away insurance is temporary. It’s essential to secure long-term insurance to maintain continuous coverage.
  4. Are there specific requirements to qualify for drive-away insurance?
    • Requirements may vary by provider, but generally, you need a valid driver’s license and proof of car purchase.
  5. How does drive-away insurance impact the overall cost of car ownership?
    • Drive-away insurance can be cost-effective, helping manage initial expenses associated with buying a new car. However, long-term insurance is necessary for ongoing protection.


In summary, drive-away insurance is a valuable tool for new car owners, offering instant coverage and peace of mind during the crucial initial period. The convenience and affordability make it a smart choice, bridging the gap until a long-term insurance policy is in place. As you celebrate your new car purchase, consider the benefits of drive-away insurance and drive home with confidence.

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