Dmitry Gordovich and His Path in Business

Dmitry Gordovich

The biography of Dmitry Gordovich can hardly be called ordinary.

During his life, the entrepreneur has changed his field of activity several times and managed to build a successful business in the food industry.

Today he holds a position in the executive office of BBR Bank—a universal credit institution with a thirty-year history.

The top manager devotes a lot of time to charity and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ostrova Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Brief Biographical Information

The homeland of the top manager is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. His parents came to Kamchatka from Leningrad for a work assignment after graduating from university.

Dmitry Gordovich graduated from an ordinary city school. In 1986, he came to Leningrad to get a profession as a geologist at the Leningrad State University named after A. A. Zhdanov.

The applicant successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in the first year of the geological faculty.

In the mid-1980s, full-time students were not exempt from conscription. After his first completed exam sessions, Dmitry Gordovich went to serve in the engineering and sapper troops.

After that, Dmitry returned to the second year at the university.

In 1992, Dmitry Gordovich decided to take a break from his studies. A year earlier, he met Dalia Kaledina. In 1994, the couple welcomed a daughter, Polina.

To provide for his family, Dmitry worked hard and created the basis for launching his own business.

In 1997, the entrepreneur entered the Faculty of Management of the educational institution ISET and four years later graduated with honours.

From a Startup to an Industry Leader

In 1999, the entrepreneur founded the Viadi company. The businessman chose a promising but rather complex niche for a startup—the production and distribution of components for the food industry. In those years, most of the ingredients for meat processing products were imported, so at first the company was engaged in sales of imported products.

A qualitative leap in business development occurred a year after the company had been founded. Viadi entered into a partnership agreement with Cargill—one of the major American investors focused on the food sector.

Dmitry Gordovich placed a bet on the production of his own products, which would not be inferior in quality to foreign counterparts.

He invested the funds received from distribution activities in the construction of an enterprise in St. Petersburg. H

e purchased equipment from leading manufacturers, opened a production laboratory and laid a gas pipeline to the plant building.

In 2007, the company introduced its first independently developed product—a soy protein mixture under the brand name Emulgofix. The component was highly appreciated by the professional community.

Leading processing enterprises began to sign contracts with Viadi. Later the release of the Opttema mixture followed. A workshop for the production of flavouring agents was launched.

By 2010, the company had already held a leading position in its sector and Dmitry Gordovich began to work actively in the banking sphere.

Work in the Bank

The entrepreneur’s next place of work was the St. Petersburg branch of the Baltic Development Bank, later renamed BBR Bank.

Dmitry Gordovich started his career as an adviser to the manager for the development of client business. Founded in 2004 in Kaliningrad, the bank has earned a reputation as an organization with a high level of service that caters to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

At the moment of Dmitry Gordovich joining BBR Bank, the company had already scaled beyond its region and was actively engaged in the development of its network.

The top manager took part in the arrangement of the new office, which opened in 2013 near Nevsky Prospekt and expanded the network of representative offices in St. Petersburg.

Trusteeship in the Ostrova Charity Foundation

The biography of Dmitry Gordovich would be incomplete without mentioning the charity projects of the top manager.

In the bank, the head oversees more than a dozen programs aimed at supporting sports, veterans’ and public organizations as well as foundations helping vulnerable segments of the population.

On an ongoing basis, the bank finances the Ostrova charity foundation, which helps patients with a rare genetic disease—cystic fibrosis.

As a trustee, Dmitry participates in the implementation of educational and research projects as well as socially significant initiatives.

Currently, the BBR Bank finances several important programs of the foundation, including:

  • Sequencing—a genetic study necessary to obtain targeted therapy with drugs acting on the defective CFTR gene, which is the direct cause of cystic fibrosis
  • Patient strategic session—work in the regions to create initiative groups to protect the rights of terminally ill patients
  • Provision of specialized nutrition before lung transplantation, supply of therapeutic nutrient mixtures and pumps for its administration

Dmitry Gordovich has repeatedly received letters of gratitude on behalf of the foundation for his great contribution to the support of patients with cystic fibrosis.

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