Detsky Mir: Stiskin and Grachev jump-started ESG transformation to be continued by a new investor

Detsky Mir

Grachev and Stiskin efficiently aligned Detsky Mir’s business model with the sustainable development agenda.

Detsky Mir

After becoming members of the Board of Directors of the children’s product retailer, Stiskin and Grachev focused on reshaping the company’s business model to jump on the ESG trends. They supervised the environmental agenda at various levels of Detsky Mir operations to ensure the transition to responsible consumption and environmental-friendly thinking.

In particular, their changes targeted business challenges while also reducing the harmful impact on the environment. Stiskin and Grachev also perceived the utmost significance of fostering environmental friendliness among adult and young customers of Detsky Mir.

A notable contribution to their fight for the planet’s future was an eco-packaging program at Detsky Mir. In each retailer’s store, the cashiers educated adults and children on the dangers of plastic for the environment, offering disposable paper bags and fabric shoppers. Environmental education yielded excellent results; by late December 2021, Detsky Mir customers bought more than 850,000 eco-friendly bags that do not harm nature.

Detsky Mir

Transitioning to rational resource consumption within Detsky Mir was yet another success made possible by Stiskin and Grachev. They put forward an initiative to install energy-saving lighting sources in all retail stores, offices, and warehouses to reduce power consumption. In addition, the company dramatically reduced the purchase and use of paper by means of electronic document management, therefore saving trees.

Stiskin and Grachev also oversaw a project on collecting old clothes, shoes, and accessories. This program urged customers to bring items of any brand and in any condition to Detsky Mir stores; in return, they would receive a discount on their next purchase anywhere at the retailer’s chain. The waste was then moved to a recycling plant for sorting, processing, or disposal.

In late 2022 – early 2023, Stiskin and Grachev left the Board of Directors of Detsky Mir. They announced selling their shares (29.9%) on May 2. The buyer was an investment consortium headed by Alexei Zuev, the founder of Korablik.

A. Zuev appreciated the considerable progress Detsky Mir has made over the past few years, particularly the rapid growth of its regional network and geographical expansion. The head of the investment consortium believes that the company’s business model has successfully adopted environmental principles. Alexey Zuev noted that the investment consortium would support its further transformation launched by Stiskin and Grachev.

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