7 Best Dental Insurance For Implants in The UK 2024

Dental Insurance For Implants

Tooth implants are hugely considered by experts as one of the best tooth replacements nowadays. That is why patients are beginning to seek dental insurance to secure themselves from tooth loss in the future. 

No other missing teeth method is available today that is as stable, strong, and long-lasting as dental implants.

So, finding a dental insurance plan that can cover the cost of treatment will be an effective one. So, if you are looking for the best dental insurance in the UK then this article is for you. 

Here, in this article, I am going to put together what is a dental implant, what is dental insurance, the importance of dental insurance, factors to consider while choosing dental insurance, and the best dental insurance providers in the UK.

So, let’s get started!

Understanding Dental Implantation

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that will be placed into your jaw. It will hold a prosthetic tooth or bridge.

However, when many people talk about dental implantation, they might be talking about the combination of the implant, that is the artificial tooth root and the prosthetic tooth. 

Most of the people who have lost one or more teeth because of periodontal disease can go for dental implantation. The cause of losing the teeth can be injury or some other reason.

Dental implantation is for those who do not prefer to wear dentures. 

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a policy that covers your dental treatment in the UK. The treatment can be with the NHS or privately.

First, you need to pay for the dental treatment, and then claim the money back from your insurers. The question may arise in your mind what is the point of dental insurance if we have the NHS?

There is a common misconception, that unless you are 18, in full-time education, or pregnant, you need to pay for NHS dental treatment.

Moreover, the entire point of covering dental insurance is to cover the NHS treatment or cover part of private treatment costs.

The Importance of Dental Insurance

  • Dental insurance is very useful in times of accidents or emergencies- Most dental insurance companies usually cover accidents and emergencies within their policy. So, this insurance may save you dramatically in terms of costs.
  • Flexible payment- Depending on you, they will work out what will be best for you, a monthly or annual payment.
  • Negotiable prices- Depending on the type of cover, the prices can be negotiated. They will evaluate whether the policy is for you or a group such as your entire family.
  • Dental insurers help you with the cost- NHS treatments can be claimed back in full or almost fully. The dental insurance company will partly pay for the private treatment.
  • More options: Dental insurance provides more options for your dental treatment.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Dental Insurance

Here are a few factors that you can consider while choosing the best dental insurance policy for you. These include:

Understanding how the dental insurance policy works

Various dental insurance plans come with complex terms and conditions. So, before finalizing the best dental insurance policy for you, you need to be sure what is the exact scope of dental insurance offered by the plan.

Reach out to the company’s representative and ask them to make you understand in detail. 

So, it will help you on the way to claiming the coverage from the company and eliminate any unpleasant surprises.

Learn the eligibility criteria

Similar to every other insurance plan, there are also some eligibility criteria for dental insurance plans. Pre-specified age group can only purchase these plans.

For many insurance policies, the entry level is age 18 or more. Another criterion is that the person must be a citizen of the United Kingdom. 

Figure Out Your Premium

Premiums are the money that you need to pay to the dental insurance company. You can pay a one-time single payment or a monthly payable premium. You can choose the time that you suit most. 

Your premium will depend on a few factors including your age, your budget, the scope of dental services, and others. These factors will influence your premium and will help to commit to your premium payments.

Know the Policy Claiming Procedure

When the time arrives to claim the coverage of the insurance policy, you may get confused about the process. The policyholders sometimes, go for not claiming the coverage because of the complexity.

So, you need to reach out to insurance companies beforehand and have a clear understanding of what the insurance company is saying. It will make you assure that whenever you are needed, you can go for the claim.

7 Best Dental Insurance For Implants UK

1. Bupa: Best Dental Insurance for Accessibility

Delta Dental is one of the best dental insurance providers in the UK. It offers two different dental policies, including:

Dental Cover 10

  • NHS treatment
  • Dental treatments=100 % reimbursements for NHS treatments
  • Routine dental treatment=100% reimbursement for NHS treatments
  • Injuries=100% reimbursements for dental treatment
  • oral cancer treatment = no annual limit in full, if treated at a partnership consultant all expenses covered

Dental cover 20

  • Private Dentist
  • Routine dental treatment=150 Pounds per year
  • Emergency cover up to 600 Pounds per year
  • Injury= Up to 5000  Pounds per year
  • dental treatment to 75% off treatment costs, a total of 700 Pounds per year
  • Oral cancer=no annual limit in full, if treated by a partnership consultant all expenses covered

2. WPA

WPA offers two different dental insurance plans. These Include:

Level 1

  • From 2.55 Pounds per week
  • NHS treatment only
  • General dental treatment=100% costs claimed back (after 30 days)
  • Oral cancer=10,000 Pounds (claimed after 90 days)
  • Emergencies=75% costs of up to 500 Pounds, only 2 claims (after 14 days)
  • Injuries=10,000 Pounds (claim after 14 days)
  • Hospital cash benefit=200 Pounds per day/night, up to a maximum of 2,000 pounds

Level 2

  • From 3.63 Pounds each week
  • private or NHS treatment
  • General dental treatment=75% of treatment costs up to 250 Pounds
  • Injuries=20,0000 Pounds
  • Oral cancer=10,000 Pounds
  • Hospital cash benefit=200 Pounds per day/night, a maximum of 2,000 Pounds 
  • Emergencies=75% of treatment costs up to 1,000 Pounds (maximum 4 claims)

3. Boots

Image- Wikipedia

Boots is one of the best dental insurance UK. This insurance provider offers three different dental insurance plans. These include:

All plans cover

1. routine treatment means check-ups, fillings, dentures
2. hospital cash benefit
3. Contribution towards the cost of NHS treatments
4. Emergency dental treatment


  • Individual cover starting costs 10.82 Pounds per month
  • NHS treatment only
  • 1= up to 500 Pounds
  • 2=up to 500 Pounds
  • 3=up to 50000 Pounds
  • 4 not covered
  • claim after 3 months

Level 1

  • individual cover starting price=15.82 Pounds per month
  • NHS treatments and here are contributions toward private treatment
  • 1=up to 750 Pounds
  • 2= up to 1000 Pounds
  • 3= up to 5000 Pounds
  • 4= up to 5000 Pounds

Level 2

  • individual cover starting price=23.02 Pounds
  • NHS treatment and higher contributions toward private treatment than level 1
  • 1= up to 1000 Pounds
  • 2= up to 1500 Pounds
  • 3= up to 5000 Pounds
  • 4=up to 10000 Pounds

4. AXA

AXA covers a range of healthcare covers for small businesses, corporate, and personal use. They offer two dental insurance policies. These include:

Core Dental Plan

  • NHS treatment
  • Routine examinations
  • Periodontal treatment
  • hygiene treatment
  • treatment and dental X-rays on NHS (claim after 1 month)
  • Oral cancer cover
  • Hospital cash benefit- up to up to 60 Pounds per night for 3 nights
  • Annual premium =119.58 Pounds
  • treatment on the NHS to repair any damage including fillings, crowns (claim after 1 month)
  • Worldwide dental cover-up to 2500 Pounds dental accident (up to 4 accidents)
  • no limit on check-up claims

Premium dental plan

  • Private treatment
  • 50% costs towards the cost of private treatment (claim after 3 months)
  • Annual premium=256.04 Pounds

5. Cigna

Cigna is one of the best dental insurance providers in the UK. It offers five insurance plans for individual and corporate use. All the plans are designed to help make contributions towards unexpected oral health problems.

These include accidental damage, hospital stays for oral surgeries, dental implantation, oral cancer, and more.

All the benefits of the insurance plans will increase with increasing the premium of the plans. 

Level 1

  • Dental emergencies= 800 Pounds (up to 4 dental emergencies of 200 Pounds each)
  • Accidental damage= 10,000 Pounds (up to 4 accidental damage treatment of 2,500 each)
  • Hospital cash= 1,000 Pounds (up to 20 nights stay in hospital or oral surgery of 50 Pounds each

Level 2

  • Dental emergencies=800 Pounds (up to 4 de3ntal emergencies at 200 Pounds each)
  • Accidental damage=10,000 Pounds ( up to 4 accidental damage treatments)
  • Hospital cash=1,000 Pounds (up to 20-night stay in hospital)
  • Dental implant=250 Pounds (including attaching any prosthetic device)
  • Orthodontic treatment 325 Pounds (treatment for under 18 years after a 6-month waiting period)

6. Simplyhealth Professionals

Simplyhealth offers various dental insurance policies varying in range. These include:

Level 1

  • 9.55 Pounds per month
  • Claims need to be placed after 3 months
  • Treatment= 200 Pounds
  • Scale & polish= 35 Pounds
  • accidents= up to 5000 pounds 
  • Emergency= up to 500 Pounds
  • Hospital cash benefit = 50 Pounds per day/night up to 20 days/nights each year
  • Oral cancer= 5000 Pounds

Level 2

  • 15.92 Pounds per month
  • Claims need to be placed after 3 months
  • Scale & polish= 65 Pounds
  • Dental check up=75 Pounds
  • Treatments=400 Pounds
  • Accidents =Up to 5000 pounds
  • Emergencies= up to 500 Pound
  • Hospital cash benefits of 50 Pounds/per day/night up to 20 days/night each year
  • Oral cancer=5000 Pounds

Level 3

  • 22.56 Pounds per month
  • Claims must be made after 3 months
  • Dental check-ups=105 Pounds
  • treatments= 600 pounds
  • Scale & polish= 95 Pounds
  • Emergency= up to 500 Pounds
  • Accidents= Up to 5000 pounds
  • Oral cancer= 5000 pounds
  • Hospital cash benefits of 50 Pound per day/night up to 20 days/nights each year

7. Dencover

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Dencover is one of the best dental insurance in the UK. It offers different dental insurance plans, including NHS, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. 


  • Cover starts from 6 Pounds per month
  • Routine dental treatment 22.70 Pounds annual policy limit (claim black immediately, claim 100% back)
  • Scale & polish= 22.70 Pounds annual policy limit (claim back immediately, claim 100% back)
  • Accident=2500 Pounds annual policy limit (claim after 15 days, claim 100%
  • Emergency= 426 Pounds annual policy limit (after 15 days, claim 100% back)
  • Oral cancer= 2500 Pounds annual policy limit (after 60 days, claim 100% back)


  • Cover starts from 9 Pounds each month
  • Routine dental treatment 55 Pounds annual policy limit, claim back immediately and claim 100% back
  • Scale & polish= 55 Pound annual policy limit (claim back immediately;y, 80% back)
  • Fillings, extractions, and dentures= 410 Pounds annual policy limit (claim after 60 days and 55% back)
  • Accident= 7500 Pounds annual policy(claim after 15 days and claim 100% back)
  • Emergency= 850 Pounds annual policy limit (claim after 15 days and 100% back)
  • Oral cancer= 7500 Poubnds (claim after 60 days, 100% back)


Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Ans: depending upon the terms and the dental policy, dental implants may or may not be covered under a dental insurance plan.

So, if you want such dental insurance policy that covers dental implantation, just research it. Various insurance providers cover dental implantation in the UK.

Which is the best dental insurance policy for implants in the UK?

Ans: Although there are plenty of dental insurance policies available in the market, you can go for the Cigna dental insurance plan. It has coverage for dental implantation.

How much do dental implants typically cost in the UK?

Ans: Most tooth implant prices range between 2,000 to 2,500 Pounds in the UK. This service usually includes the implants, connecting the component and the crown.

How do I get free dental inserts in the UK?

Ans: To get free dental inserts in the UK, you should go through an evaluation by a certified supportive dental specialist. Moreover, the patient should be feeling the loss of every one of their teeth in one or two jaws to be qualified.


dental insurance policies are one of the most important aspects of our lives that we must consider. there are moments in our lives when we need to come across dental treatments including implantation.

Nowadays, various dental insurance providers in the UK market offer plenty of coverage.

Here, I have included all the details of a good dental insurance policy including the 7 best dental insurance for implants in the UK.

So, you just go through this guide and pick one insurance plan from the list that suits you the most.

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