7 Best Car Insurance for Learner Drivers in the UK

Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

Planning to learn car driving from a friend or family member? Then what you need to do first is to seek the best car insurance for learner drivers in the UK.

Another thing you have to ensure is that the person who will teach you the same is fully licensed and a qualified instructor.

Don’t have many ideas about learner driver insurance? Hearing “temporary learner driver insurance” for the first time and eager to know whether you can generate a permanent driving license and insurance after its completion?

Also, wondering, what’s the cheapest way to insure a learner driver? Read the write-up and all your doubts will be cleared. 

Learner Driver Insurance – A Short Description

Wondering, what temporary learner driver insurance is? Well! It’s just a legal requirement for a novice driver in the UK to drive his car during the learning period.

It’s needed if he/she is acquiring the knowledge of driving from any person (his family member, friend, or acquaintance). The car may be the learner’s own or of anyone other’s. It may be the instructor’s as well.

The insurance is required to cover the damage that the learner might create by mistake while driving. The damage may happen to his own or someone else’s.

With this insurance at hand, you can claim the damage cost from the company any time you want. And, the best part is that it will never interfere with the no-claims bonus of the owner of the car you were driving. 

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance – Who Are Eligible? 

There are certain criteria that all the insurance companies follow. They are – 

  • The novice driver’s age must not be less than 17 years. His maximum age must be 50 years. However, it may differ for various companies. It all depends on the company’s selection criteria. 
  • He/she must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or residing there forever. 
  • He/she is the holder of a driving license that is provisional.
  • The provisional license must be free from all types of motoring offenses, criminal convictions, and penalty points. 
  • The car you will drive while learning must be a UK-registered car. 
  • The price of the car you’re driving to learn must be below 40,000 UK dollars. 
  • The car you choose to drive while learning must not be 40 or more years old. 
  • The driving car must not be a hired, rented, or leased one (below 12 months of period). 
  • The car’s seats must not be more than 7. 
  • No engine modification has been done in the car that you choose to drive for learning. 
  • While driving, a skilled driving instructor must accompany you. Also, he must hold a permanent driving license. It must be held by him for three consecutive years.
  • The driving instructor must be mature and possess an age of 22 years or more.

Learner Driver Insurance – The Application Process? 

Wanna apply for the best car insurance for learner drivers? What you need is to submit the following details to the insurance provider –

  • Your name.
  • The date of your birth.
  • Your residing address of the United Kingdom.
  • Your provisional license details.
  • Your temporary driving vehicle’s registration number and other details. 
  • Your temporary driving vehicle’s owner’s name and other details. 

See the quotes of different insurance providers and choose any one based on their price and your convenience. Decide which of them suits your purpose best. 

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance – Their Types 

1. Third Party Insurance Only

It’s the lowest level of driving insurance that one would need to drive in the UK. This insurance covers you in case –

  • ​​​​​​You result in an accident by mistake, resulting in a person’s injury or death.
  • You accidentally run the car over someone else’s property and damage it.

2. Third Party Insurance Along With Insurance For Fire & Theft 

This insurance is somewhat more advanced than the previous insurance. It covers you in case the above-mentioned situations occur or –

  • Your driving vehicle is stolen.
  • Your driving vehicle is attempted for theft.
  • Your vehicle catches fire either accidentally or by any criminal on purpose. 

3. Comprehensive Insurance 

It’s the highest level of learner driver insurance that novice drivers can possess in exchange for money. They can do it before they start their training. In addition to all the lower level covers, this insurance also includes other extra benefits like –

  • Courtesy car cover.
  • Personal accident benefits, etc. 

Best Insurance For Learner Drivers – Their Validity Period

1. Annual Cover

Some of the best car insurance for learner drivers in the UK covers their customers annually. By purchasing this insurance you will be able to learn car driving covered with insurance for 12 months.

It will give you enough time to be an expert car driver. Also, you can pass your driving test and get your permanent license smoothly without any additional headaches. 

2. Short-Term Cover

This learner driver insurance cover is mostly purchased by novice drivers. The insurance can be fixed for any length of period you want, ranging from 1 day to 5 months.

Some insurance providers sell shorter-term covers, even for 1 hour. If you’re confident that you can learn to drive within a few days or months of time, this insurance cover is best for you. This insurance costs less than annual insurance for learner drivers. 

What The Learner Driver Insurance Covers?

  • Accidental damage. 
  • Accidental fire spread.
  • Accidental theft.
  • Attempted theft. 
  • Repair of windscreen glass, windows, etc. 
  • Legal liability for hitting, injuring, or killing another person by mistake. 
  • Damage to another person’s property by mistake. 
  • Your driving test in the car. 

What They Don’t Cover?

Any of your claims if a proficient and licensed instructor is absent from your car while driving. 

  • If the instructor’s age is not between 21 and 75 years. 
  • ​​​​​​Any claim if you have run your car erroneously between 10 pm and 6 pm on the date of the accident. 
  • If your driving car is bereft of the actual driver’s insurance policy coverage. 
  • Any claim for the accident that happens after you pass the driving test. 

Best Insurances For Learner Drivers – Our 7 Picks For Insurance Providers 

1. Veygo by Admiral 

Veygo by Admiral 
Image- Veygo

Those novice drivers whose minimum ages are 17 years and maximum ages are 75 years are eligible for purchasing this insurance plan. The time span for this insurance starts from 1 hour.

It goes up to 180 days. The approximate cost for 3 hours is 7.68 pounds. Whereas, the approximate cost of this insurance for 4 weeks is 57.21 pounds. 

2. Marmalade

Image- Google Play

Marmalade offers its policies to youths between 17 and 34 years old. The time span for this insurance starts from 30 days. It goes up to 240 days.

Do you know, what benefit the learner will get if he qualifies for the driving license examination? He will get a 10 percent discount on his next car insurance policy from this company. Isn’t that great? 

3. RAC

Image- Google Play

This insurance remains valid for 5 months or less, starting from the 1st day. The insurance costs 16.65 pounds for a day. It costs 35.51 pounds for a week and 116.96 pounds for 2 months or more. The longer the period, the more the discounted rates are. 

4. Collingwood Insurance Services

Collingwood Insurance Services
Image- Student Beans

This company facilitates insurance coverage for 28 days of driving or more, up to 12 months. The annual scheme covers a cost of 74p per day. Whether you need gaps between this learner-drive insurance cover or top it up fully, Collingwood Insurance Services has it all to fulfill your needs.

5. Direct Line

Direct Line
Image- Google Play

This company gives you comprehensive car insurance. It has been tailored for the headache-free driving test practice. The insurance coverage includes flexible policy plans for the short term. You will get no claims for a discount in case you drive safely. 

​​​​6. Admiral

Image- Google Play

This insurance gives you the privilege of practicing someone’s car in a tension-free manner. With this insurance, the claims bonus of the car owner remains free of any risk.

The insurance policy may be valid for 2 hours or up to 90 days. This makes it a great learner driver insurance policy for driving learners. 

7. Hastings Direct 

Hastings Direct 
Image- Google Play

This is a driving insurance offering company that comprises flexible cover options for you. With this policy, you can attain a no-claims bonus until you remain a novice driver. Also, with this insurance at hand, you can practice driving your own car or a rented one. 

The Cheapest Way To Insure A Learner Driver – How To Cut The Insurance Cost?

  • Choose to drive a car while you’re a novice that falls in the right insurance group. The cars belonging to this low-cost insurance group are smaller-engine cars. So, choose a Nissan Micra instead of choosing Toyota Prius. 
  • Consider installing telematics in your car to track your performance and make the policy inexpensive. 
  • Choose an experienced driver beside you as an instructor. 
  • Consider paying more for voluntary excess. 
  • Do thorough research and only after that choose your insurance provider wisely. 

Learner Driver Insurance Additional Covers 

  • Breakdown cover.
  • Legal cover.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Hire car cover, etc. 


1. What is the best insurance for learner drivers? 

It varies from person to person according to the novice driver’s purpose and needs. In case you think your driving test is near, choose to purchase a short-term or annual policy. If you possess the car yourself, the best car insurance for learner drivers will be Hybrid insurance.

This is because this insurance not only covers you during your novice learning period of driving. It also covers you even after passing your driving test. On the other hand, if the car is not of your own and somebody else’s, choosing comprehensive insurance will be wise. 

2. Can I add a learner driver to my insurance UK? 

Yes, it’s possible to merge your learner driver insurance with a car owner’s actual driving insurance in the United Kingdom.

But, for that, you need to contact the insurance provider and follow all the rules for the same. The insurance provider adds your name to the insurance policy of the main owner of the driving car, once the request is processed. 


So, which of the above best car insurance for learner drivers do you think will suit your purpose the most? Whichever it may be, don’t forget to weigh its pros and cons before going for the same. Also, do remember to let us know about the policy you choose. We will be eagerly waiting to hear from you! Best of luck for your driving endeavors. See you again! 

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