How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Gifted Property in the UK in 2024

Capital Gains Tax on Gifted Property

When an asset gains in value and you are ready to sell it, think about the tax consequences also. A profit on the sale value of your asset will lead to Capital Gain Tax.

Moreover, it is not the sale value. Instead, it is the amount of tax rate when applied to the Full Value of Consideration. 

Therefore, Capital Gains Tax on property involves various rates depending on the nature of the transaction.

With the new year knocking on doors, business persons will find more interest in the financials. So, it is crucial to know the updated tax provisions to avoid any confusion. 

Reduce your CGT liabilities by going through some important tips. I am sharing a few of these incredible ways to help you be a gainer in 2024.

Be ready to sell your capital assets at a profit now. 

What is Capital Gain Tax in the UK?

Capital Gain Tax
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Capital Gains Tax or CGT refers to the tax on capital assets, like a property. It implies that you must pay a tax to the government for selling a property for profit. Disposal of an asset is common in any business.

However, it can be your residential property, too. It does not mean that only businessmen are liable to pay this tax. The provisions are equally applicable to all groups of people. 

The rules for Capital Gains Tax on property vary according to specific provisions prevalent in different countries. Accordingly, when you are selling a property in the UK, you have to know the UK’s laws for the same. 

The rates for residential properties are higher compared to the commercial ones. Therefore, you must prepare a budget to sort your taxes. Ensure you pay minimum taxes on your capital gains without escaping any income.

This piece will highlight CGT’s top tax planning strategies on gifted properties. This answers the common question, “How do I avoid capital gains tax on gifted property. ” 

However, before you learn the strategies to reduce the tax burden, it is essential to know the correct tax rates for 2024. The revised rates for 2024 for Capital Gains Tax on property are given under.

A thorough study will help you understand the overall tax liabilities you can face when selling a property. 

Latest Rates of Capital Gains for Gifted Property in the UK

The specific income tax band applicable to you in the UK will decide the appropriate CGT rate. Moreover, the rates will vary as per the nature and type of property. 

Generally, we can divide the Capital Gains taxes into two categories, viz. residential and commercial. Besides, there are two different rates for income of £50,270 and above, and below this cap, respectively. 

They are explained as follows:-

  • For Annual Income over £50,270: Tax on entire capital gain is 18% for residential property and 10% for others. 
  • For Annual Income equal to or below £50,270: Tax on entire capital gain is 28% for residential property and 20% for others

Therefore, it is evident that if you are selling a property other than a residential one, you can reduce the tax burden. You must note here that these tax rates can change according to government announcements. 

However, what about tax consequences on a gifted property? There are interesting laws about that, too. 

Are you going to sell your inherited property in the UK? Does a question bother you: how do I avoid capital gains tax on gifted property? I am here to share the answers to make your sale more convenient in the UK. 

Ways to Avoid Capital Taxes on Gifted Property

Are you tensed about the hefty Capital Taxes on gifted properties in the UK? Consult this article and go through the below-mentioned methods. These are fantastic ways to reduce the taxes to a great extent.

Ensure that you abide by all the legal provisions. Follow the rules and plan your transaction appropriately. 

Decide the time of Asset Disposal

The asset disposal time plays an important role in the calculation of your Capital Gains Tax on property. Furthermore, you should determine the expected income in the coming days.

If there is any possibility that your income will come down after a certain time, it is better to wait. As a result, you will be able to attract a lower tax rate on the day of sale. 

Always take advice from an experienced consultant. He or she will suggest this strategy for a profitable approach. 

Investing in Pension

Investing in pension funds or ISA is the next good point for saving the CGT. ISA implies the Individual Savings Account you can use to sell and repurchase the same shares.

Transfer the gain amount and enjoy tax benefits efficiently. 

Moreover, the advantages of contributing to Pension are also significant. Your rate band for CGT will automatically come down here. The UK government declares a pension allowance for all such investors.

In 2024, the announced rate for Pension allowance is £60,000. However, this can change depending on any subsequent change in policies. 

Tax-Free Allowances

A legal and most appreciated method for reducing the Capital Gains tax on the property is utilizing tax-free allowances.

According to the tax provision of 2024 in the UK, you can enjoy a specific tax-free allowance.

It implies that you can have gains without paying any taxes. However, it is limited to the notified amount. 

Maximize your tax benefits by disposing of your assets at a profitable time. Consider the unused allowance also for any year, and plan the sale accordingly. 

In 2024, the tax allowances for different categories of assesses are:-

  • £3,000 for individual payers
  • £1,500 for trustees

Offsetting Loss Against Gain

Reduce your total liability on the sale of capital assets by offsetting the losses with the gains. Suppose you have a capital loss for any asset in the current year or earlier years.

If you are gaining on any asset disposal this year, adjust the loss with this amount. Automatically, your tax liability will come down. 

Therefore, please record the losses accurately to carry them forward for future years. 

Transferring Your Assets

Let your CGT be lower as you transfer your assets. Normally, in the UK, a property transfer to a civil partner or spouse is free of taxes.

Moreover, your spouse’s or partner’s overall income tax bracket can be lower than yours. As a result, they will enjoy a lower CGT on the sale of such a property in future. 

Therefore, you can smartly avoid the CGT by opting this way. 

Relief on Business Assets

Business owners often prefer Business Asset Disposal Relief in the UK’s laws. This is an amazing way of reducing the CGT by applying the relief.

However, the benefit is applicable only for certain specific assets, at the time of sale. 

Please check the criteria for the qualifying assets. Plan your disposal by keeping in mind the advantages of this relief. If necessary, get help from a professional 


Do you plan to sell your properties in 2024 in the UK? Ensure that you are well aware of the related laws on Capital Gains Tax on property. Feel free to contact the professionals to get the maximum tax benefits. 

CGT is a tax on the gains you make on selling any property. Check the current rates for both residential and commercial properties.

There are many ideas to save the CGT on a gifted property. Hence, learn the laws correctly and apply the most suitable ones. 

Have a profitable year ahead. 

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