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Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Wales is different from the UK. If you are wondering about exactly what is on offer then you are on the right path.

Students from Wales can have access to a wide range of financial supports including grants, loans, etc.

These financial supports help the students with their finances in the Universities. That means you can obtain a degree without being a millionaire in the UK.

Here, in this article, I will put together an understanding of student finance, what are the eligibility criteria for getting student finance, what is the application process for student finance Wales, repayment plans, and calculate the loan amount.

Let’s dive into the deep!

Understanding Of Student Finance Wales:

If you are a student of Wales and looking for financial support then you can access a range of Wales student finance.

If you are planning to study in Wales or you are already a part-time or full-time student and seeking further education, you can apply for student finance in Wales.

Types Of Student Finance in Wales:

There are typically three types of student finance available in Wales. These include:

1. Tuition Fee Loans:

The tuition fee at Welsh Universities is slightly cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. The annual limit for UK students is capped at 9,000 Pounds, and in the rest of the UK, it is 9,250 Pounds.

You can get up to 9,250 pounds a year. But the amount is dependent on the total cost of your course. the amount of tuition fee loans does not depend on your household income. 

They will pay the amount directly to your university or college. However, you need to pay the loan back including interest once you have left or finished the course.

If you are studying at a public University or college then Student Finance Wales will cover 100% of the cost of tuition up front.

But, if you are studying at any private institution then the loan may not cover the tuition fee loan in full. Because there is no cap on fees at private institutions.

Here, I am providing a list of the maximum tuition fee loans available for Welsh students:

Tuition Fee Loans for 2023-24:

You are studying at The maximum tuition fee loan available
Public university or college Wales 9,000 Pounds
Public university or college in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland9,250 Pounds
Public university or college in Scotland, or Wales   6,165 Pounds
Registered provider in England   9,250 Pounds     

2. Maintenance Loans and Grants:

If you are a student, you can also get a mixture of loans and grants to support your living costs. but the amount you will get depends on your household income and where you study and live.

After making an application for maintenance loans, a notification entitlement letter will be sent to you during your academic year. 

They will pay the maintenance loan in three instalments into your bank account, generally at the beginning of each term. You have to repay the maintenance loan and grant.

The following tables show an estimation of how much maintenance loans you can get according to your household income:

2024 to 2025:

living with your parents

Household Income Loan    Grant
18,370 Pounds or less  3,430 Pounds6,885 Pounds
25,000 Pounds 4,385 Pounds 5,930 Pounds
35,000 Pounds 5,827 Pounds 4,488 pounds
45,000 Pounds 7,268 Pounds  3,047 Pounds
59,200 Pounds or more    9,315 Pounds1,000 Pounds

Living away from home and studying outside London

Household Income LoanGrant
18,370 Pounds or less  4,050 Pounds8,100 Pounds
25,000 Pounds5,203 Pounds6,947 Pounds
35,000 Pounds  6,942 Pounds 5,208 Pounds
45,000 Pounds 8,681 Pounds3,469 Pounds
59,200 Pounds or more11,150 Pounds1,000 Pounds

Living Away from the parental home and studying in London

Household IncomeLoans Grants
18,370 Pounds or less5,046 Pounds10,124 Pounds
25,000 Pounds6,527 Pounds8,643 Pounds
35,000 Pounds8,762 Pounds 6,408 Pounds
45,000 Pounds 10,966 Pounds4,174 Pounds
59,200 Pounds or more14,170 Pounds1,000 Pounds

Welsh Government Learning Grants:

Under the newer funding system in Wales, the Welsh Government Learning Grants is just a fancy name for your Maintenance loan’s grant aspect.

For the students whose courses started before 1st August 2018, things are a little different. There is still a rant on offer, the maximum WGLG available is 5,161 Pounds.

The amount is unaffected by the location of your residency and study. 

In this case, the only eligibility criteria is your household income. Students of the lower band of income (18,370 Pounds or less) will receive the maximum grants.

On the other hand, the amount of grants received will gradually decrease as the household income increases.

If your household income exceeds 50,020 Pounds then you will not be eligible for a grant.

Some Additional Funding Sources for Welsh Students:

There are loads of other funding sources out in the market to support the Welsh students. These include:

  • Special Support Grant
  • Childcare grant
  • Maintenance Loan tops-up if your course lasts longer than 30 term weeks
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance
  • Disabled Students Allowance
  • Adult dependant’s Grants
  • Travel Grants

What are the eligibility Criteria For getting Student Finance Wales? 

To receive funding from Student Finance Wales, you must meet the following criteria, including:

  • You need to be a UK citizen or must have settled status. 
  • You generally live in Wales. However, if you do not satisfy this criterion you can directly contact Student Finance Wales.
  • You have lived in the United Kingdom for at least three years before proceeding with your course.

However, there are a few additional groups that are also eligible for getting Student Finance Wales.

Students from the Republic of Ireland, refugees, and any family members of UK citizens can apply for Student Finance Wales.

Apart from residency criteria, you must study in a government-funded University or college.

Also, if you are studying at a privately-funded institution conducting individual courses then you may be eligible for Student Finance Wales. 

Further, if you are unsure about whether these criteria include you or not, you can directly contact your college or university or Student Finance Wales. 

Again, your course should lead to one of a lot of qualifications including a First Degree (Bachelor of Science, or Arts, and so on), PGCEs, Foundation Degrees, and so on. 

Although there are no upper age limits for Maintenance Grants or Tuition fees, you must be under 60 on the first day of your first academic year of the course.

These are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a Maintenance Loan.

Student Finance Wales

What Is The Application Process of Student Finance Wales?

How to apply:

To apply for Student Finance Wales, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Step 1:  You can apply for Student Finance Wales online through the Student Finance Wales website.
  • Step 2: You need to apply in Welsh or English language.
  • Step 3: After that, the Student Finance will contact you about the assessment of needs

Moreover, the online full-time application system for 2024-25 will open in March. The part-time and postgraduation application services will open in the summer of 2024-25. 

You can apply it as early as possible to ensure that you will get your money at the time your course starts. You need to create an account or Sign in to apply for Student Finance Wales. 

When to Apply:

You can apply for 

  • 2024 to 25 academic year
  • 2023 to 24 academic year

You must not apply after 9 months of the start of your course. At the time of application, you do not require a confirmed place of university or college.

Deadlines of Application:

Full-time undergraduate students can apply for Student Finance Wales for the 2024 to 25 academic year now.

Part-time undergraduate students may expect to start their application process by the end of May 2024. And the post-graduate students may expect to start their application process by the end of June 2024.

Repaying Your Welsh Student Loan:

Once you take out the loan, you do not need to worry about repaying the loan until you have finished or left your course. Here, I am providing all the details about repaying the Student Finance Wales. 

First up, you should know that the loan starts sewing interest from day one until you clear the final payment of the loan. So, you can understand that you will return more than you have borrowed. 

Student Finance Wales operates under the Plan 2 system, which means the interest will be calculated using the Retail Price Index in addition up to 3%.

While you are studying the interest on your student loan will be set at the full RPI plus 3%. However, once you graduate, the interest on the student loan will be set on a sliding scale.  

Loans need to be repaid in April following graduation if you will be earning a gross salary of more than 27,295 Pounds per year.

The monthly loan repayment will be calculated at 9%. So, if your gross income threshold is 27,295 Pounds then the monthly salary is 2,274 Pounds.

Suppose, if you are a graduate with an annual gross salary of 28,800 Pounds then your monthly salary will be 2,400 Pounds. This amount is above the 126-pound repayment threshold.

So, 9% of 126 pounds is 11.30 pounds, and this will be your monthly repayment amount. Irrespective of the size of your student loan amount, your repayment amount will be calculated in the same way.

If you are employed, a deduction for monthly repayment will be taken from your monthly salary. Through your National Insurance Contribution, this deduction will take place.

If you are self-employed then the repayment will be settled when you complete your self-assessment. 

You must keep in mind that interest will be accrued as soon as you receive the first instalment of the Maintenance loan or when they send the first instalment of the tuition fee to the college or university.


Can I apply for additional grants and bursaries?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for additional grants and bursaries to support your study in Wales. However, every additional grants and bursaries have its unique eligibility criteria, so you need to check them first. If the eligibility criteria match your circumstances, you can qualify for the grant.

What happens if I miss the application deadlines?

Ans: If you miss the Student Finance Wales application deadlines then there is nothing to worry about. Because you can still apply for funding for up to 9 months from day one of your academic year.

What support is available for students with disabilities?

Ans: You can apply for DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) if you are disabled. If your disability somehow affects your study then you can easily go forward with this student funding option in Wales. DSA is a nonrepayable funding, which supports your study in the form of practical help, but not additional funding. 

Can International students apply for student Finance in Wales?

Ans: Both international and domestic students can be qualified for student funding in Wales. The student’s financial support includes scholarships, grants, and bursaries, and it is dependent on where you live. 

How does student finance impact credit scores?

Ans: No, your Student Finance Wales will not appear on your credit report. So, you do not need to think more about it. Your student finance does not impact your credit score. However, mortgage lenders may consider your student loan debts when deciding how much you can borrow. 


Student loans and grants are available for the students for each academic year to help the students to cover their living costs and costs of tuition fees. So, if you are a student and live in Wales, and thinking of Student Finance Wales then just go through this guide.

Here, I have provided every detail of student finance including the types, application procedures, deadlines of applications, repayment method, and the eligibility criteria to qualify for Student Finance Wales.

Hope, this guide will help you all the way around from getting a student loan to completing your course to getting a job and repaying the borrowed amount

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